x48-ds5 E5400 350MHZ FSB Wall help

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  1. machasm

    machasm Guest

    Hi all,
    First post on here and hope I am not breaking any rules!
    Had a good look round the net and on other forums with no luck.
    Just got myself a G/B GA-X48-DS5 Mobo and a new E5400 to fit into it.
    This chip is rated at 800MHZ FSB to run @ 2.7GHZ (13.5X multi!)
    Was hoping for good things since I have a lot of headroom with a 13.5X multiplier.
    The best I could get out of it was around the 4Ghz mark which would satisfy me really except that I can't seem to get the FSB past 350 not matter what i do.
    I have reduced the multi way down so the chip is only clocking around the 3.2Ghz region.
    I have upped the mch voltage by .2V FSB up by .1V Vcore up to 1.45V.
    Memory is OCZ rated at PC8500 and timings have been relaxed.
    I have tried all the straps A, B, C and D at 2.00 (1:1) to no avail.
    I have tried skewing the MCH clock between 50 and 300ps.
    I just can't seem to get past this point.
    Might have to just settle for this but the memory is quite slow at only 700MHZ at 350 1:1 although I have seen many POST way past the 400Mhz point.
    As soon as i step over the 350Mhz point the machine will not POST and just defaults back to standard timings.
    Tried all flavours of BIOS from F6 to F8d.
    Any ideas guys?

  2. GSXRRizla

    GSXRRizla Guest

    Windows 10 pro HDD exchange

    I have an old Dell Latitude E5400 with Win10 pro and all my data plus apps installed on a 1Tb HDD. I have acquired a newer laptop Lenovo T420 with Win 10 pro but it only has a 160Gb HDD.

    Is it possible to move the 1Tb HDD to the newer Lenovo without having to re install everything.

    I plan on passing the older Dell E5400 on to help someone else, with the smaller 160Gb HDD

    Both laptops are Win 10 upgrades and not OEM install.

    Many thanks.
  3. JamesDB404

    JamesDB404 Guest

    Windows Hello doesn't show up

    hey i also have this same problem however i dont have a camera but a built in fingerprint scanner

    ps i have a latitude E5400
  4. AltecV1

    AltecV1 Guest

    maybe bad chip*Confused x48-ds5 E5400 350MHZ FSB Wall help :confused: my G31 mobo has a FSb wall at 400 so i dont think it is your mobo so that leaves the E5400*Oh Well x48-ds5 E5400 350MHZ FSB Wall help :eek:hwell:
  5. machasm

    machasm Guest

    Thanks AltecV1,
    Thats the only component I can't change!
    Seems odd though that the chip would limit it like that since I have the multi down.
    The exact FSB wall is at 357. 357 boots, 358 does not POST.
    Any other ideas?
  6. BradleyKZN

    BradleyKZN Guest

    Thats a bit strange, On my G31 when I hit the 400mhz FSB wall, it just freezes during the windows loading bar. Maybe try different RAM??? BTW what multi are you running when you say you took it way down?
  7. machasm

    machasm Guest

    At the moment I am running 10.5X.
    However, it doesn't matter if I bring it right down to 6X still wont POST above 357MHZ.
    Tried RAM sticks individually and I know these work in other system at higher speeds.
    In fact I can run them at 2.66 giving 930mhz and they still boot so long as I don't go over 357fsb???
    Wierd or what?
  8. r9

    r9 Guest

    E5XXXs don`t like high FSB. Highest I have taken my E5200 for 4.8 GHz was 385 MHz that is highest FSB no matter the multi. Why do you need 400 FSB on a 13.5 multi CPU. Are you going for 5.4GHz because E5400 does not stand for MHz *Big Grin x48-ds5 E5400 350MHZ FSB Wall help :D.
  9. BradleyKZN

    BradleyKZN Guest

    Maybe an FSB hole in the Mobo somehow?
    or see here e5200 FSB Wall
  10. Error 404

    Error 404 Guest

    This is common for the E5x00 series. They typically have a significantly lower FSB wall than higher end CPUs such as the E7x00 series. Why? They're a budget chip! Mine has around a 330 MHz FSB wall, which I can just reach 4.1 GHz with. Heaps of voltage is required though.
    And with your FSB of 350 MHz and 13.5 multi, you could theoretically get up to 4.7 GHz. *Wink x48-ds5 E5400 350MHZ FSB Wall help ;)
  11. machasm

    machasm Guest

    Thank-you for your support guys.
    Error 404, I didn't realise that this was commonplace with the E5xxx chips and would explain a lot.
    I understand that they are a budget chip but how does the FSB freq play its part in all this?
    Perhaps I should have forked out for a E7X00 CPU?