X3220 Overclocking

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  1. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 Guest

    been talking to 3dsage through pm's and ive got my 3220 @ 3.6ghz but it wont stay stable under prime cores 2 and 4 fail everytime what voltages does it need... voltages are as follows:

    CPU 1.5v CPU PLL 1.55v CPU VTT 1.5 NB 1.45v

  2. bebelsucu

    bebelsucu Guest


    can be overclocked in Windows 10?thank you !
  3. yasirrfc

    yasirrfc Guest

    ways to speed up n900?

    hey so does overclocking void warranty? and if i install cssu firmware then will it be as fast as overclocking? i mean if i only install cssu and dont take risk in overclocking then will it be as fast as overclocking?
  4. 3dsage

    3dsage Guest

    Nice!*Toast :toast: It booted up. Now you just need to fine tune it.
    Did you set your GTL's? Also does your board have VID special Add?
  5. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 Guest

    yeah thats all i have it goes by the VID which is 1.26v then you add volts by using the special add
  6. Kursah

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    Yeah VID Special Add is just cpu voltage on that DFI, I had one of those Dark P35's, it was a damn good board, though it got a little finicky above 480FSB with a q6600 and 4x1GB of ram beyond a 1:1 ratio. But a 2x2 kit fixed that. I miss that board sometimes...though my Asus P45 has been flawless for almost a year.

    How bad is your vDroop? iirc mine wasn't too shabby between idle and load. But that chip should be able to attain more, and with ddr2-1200 ram you should have plenty of room. What FSB are you running? I don't recall needing 1.45v for the NB...but then it's been a looong time since I used that board or messed with it for the build I donated it towards. So I may have used 1.45v...

    *Toast :toast:
  7. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 Guest

    400FSB x 9 Ram @ 1200Mhz 2:3 ratio
  8. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 Guest

    does anyone from the daytime crew have any idea why i can prime it for hours and cores 1 and 3 are fine but 2 and 4 will crash about a minute in?
  9. newtekie1

    newtekie1 Guest

    Cores 2 and 4 need more voltage?

    My G0 Q6600 was a bear to get past 3.2GHz, no matter what I did, I couldn't get it stable past that speed.
  10. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 Guest

    im not really sure about this since this is my first intel quad,but you cant add voltage to individual cores can you?
  11. newtekie1

    newtekie1 Guest

    No, you can only add voltage to the whole CPU.
  12. Athlon2K15

    Athlon2K15 Guest

    i finally got what i think are going to be my 24/7 settings

    X3220 Overclocking [​IMG]
  13. Homeless

    Homeless Guest

    Tbh you can have have pll at 1.5, mch at 1.3, vtt at 1.2 and it should work just the same since you're massively overvolting those. I never expect non g0 Q6600/x3220 to hit 3.6

    I'm basing those voltges off of a ud3p, but should be similar for other boards