water cooling questions, need some pros

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    I want to get watercooling, but I find VGA coolers to expensive, so ill maybe get watercooling for my cpu and northbridge.

    what watercooling should I buy, how much does a cpu block cost, northbridge block?, whats the best prize/performance one, whats the best performance one, what pump, radiator??

    I have no clue really, im gonna reasearch a bunch soon, andone help me??

  2. tweets---01

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    N91-8GB temperature test

    You dont need to buy distilled water, just boil the kettle and let it cool
  3. Johntaken

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    Future hardware updates using Win 10 Pro Retail version

    Thank you Andre,

    That is a big help - I am now happy to buy WIN 10 PRO retail Version on USB.

    The issue with SLI will I'm sure be resolved by the time I need it - the bigger issue there is that on an mATX mobo and case standard air cooling is problematic. So its water cooling or an ATX mobo and case - I hate big cases which are 80% empty.

    Cheers and thanks for your kind help, John.
  4. Paulieg

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    There are a ton of first time water cooling threads in the project log section. GPU WC is a waste of time and money IMO. There are several good CPU blocks form EK, DTek and of course the Heatkillers. All perform w/in 2-3c of each other, so don't over spend on the block. I've only had a couple of different pumps, so I'll leave this for someone more experience than me. As far as rads go. This is where you want to put your money. A good rad will have the greatest impact on your loop. Sidewinders and Petra's are the best places to start looking.
  5. BloodTotal

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    can someone point me to a really good build, ??
  6. Naekuh

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    My recomendations:
    I personally like Jab-tech, you are however not required to shop here, i am just posting parts as jab-tech usually has everything in stock.

    For your rad assy:
    http://www.jab-tech.com/XSPC-R...-radiator-pr-4384.html $94.95 (however you can substitue MCR320 instead)
    http://www.jab-tech.com/YATE-L...igh-Speed-pr-3771.html x 3 $11.10
    http://www.jab-tech.com/Sunbea...Kit-BLACK-pr-2530.html $12.95

    For your pump Assembly:
    http://www.jab-tech.com/Swifte...v-DC-Pump-pr-3510.html $64.95
    http://www.jab-tech.com/XSPC-A...Laing-DDC-pr-4123.html $39.95
    This is a combo res pump top. It makes your pump into a res and its one heck of a performing top.

    Cpu Block:
    http://www.jab-tech.com/Swifte...aterblock-pr-4246.html $61.95

    its a very flexable block, meaning if you want to add something else to your loop, the block will allow that. Its not the best performing block. You might need the LGA1366 kit if your going i7.

    http://www.jab-tech.com/Master...ID-5-8-OD-pr-3079.html x 15 feet. Assuming OOPS factor.

    http://www.jab-tech.com/Bitspo...WP-C01-pr-4397.html x 6 $19.20

    I HIGHLY recomend you changing your barbs. Those are also silver plated barbs, so the silver will act as a anti microbe.

    Do you want color? If you dont need the color, plain old distilled. Goto the super market, get a bottle of distilled, NOT drinking, but Distilled, and use that.

    Your die wont last very long, and it will only speed up clouding on your tubing. How about colored tubing instead?

    Use Zipties as clamps.

    Lastly, that radiator might be too large for you to fir internally, i would like to know what case your in to see if theres a solution in mounting, or if you need to step down to a smaller radiator.

    However that larger class rad would allow 1 additional gpu on it.

    NB is tricky as you didnt list your board. Because some boards have a full integrated heat sink, the board blocks can get expensive. I would need to know what board you are running.

    Id have to disagree with ya on this one. Watercooling the gpu can bring your temps down by almost half, and also produce almost 0 additional noise by doing so. When you have nasty factory sinks which are LOUD, sometimes watercooling is your only option.

    ie.. Good luck finding an air sink for a GTX295 *Stick Out Tongue water cooling questions, need some pros :p