Water cooling bubbles

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    So I just got my water cooling together and it's out of the system for leak testing now. I've noticed in the EK 250 res, it's making a mini tornado in there and there are a ton of bubbles swirling around. Will they eventually go away if I leave them alone? Or is the swirling making the bubbles?

    Also, should I be leaving the top of the res slightly loose for the air to escape? Does this make more pressure in the lines if I leave it closed? Thanks.

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    Nokia bubbles from beta labs also supports timing on profiles and is also really cool Water cooling bubbles ;) betalabs.nokia.com/apps/nokia-bubbles/download_and_installation
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    N91-8GB temperature test

    boiling the kettle is effectivly distilling the water, i did say let the water cool
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    They sell a thing to put in the resevoir to get rid of the tornado effect. What I do to bleed out my system is have an extra PSU with a jumper in the 24 pin connector. I turn it on and off untill most of the bubbles are gone.
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    Yeah after running for a while they'll go. I leave my res fully sealed, the higher pressure will be fine and increase the boiling temp of your coolant, although you should never hit that temperature anyways *Smile Water cooling bubbles :)
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    Yeah, that's what I'm doing. I have a psu jumped just powering the pump.

    I think I'll let it sit for a little while and see if the bubbles stay there or if they start to go away.

  8. MRCL

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    As long as the bubbles stay in the res theres nothing to worry, no?
  9. Pete1burn

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    I guess not. But I can hear them cycling into the pump.
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    Like people have said, on and off with the pump and try to knock the bubbles to the top of the reservoir and invert/move around everything in the loop (unless it's already attached, then maybe do that to the system *Stick Out Tongue Water cooling bubbles :p) and it should get the bubbles out. Just use gravity to move the bubbles towards the res and once you're done you can top off the res a tad too.
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    I shake my Radiators up, til the bubbles go away.
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    Yeah I tried moving everything around and it seems as though they keep getting cycles into the pump. So I have to keep moving everything and shaking it all. If the bubbles are getting into the pump, they'll never go away. Maybe I need more fluid in there to keep the bubbles higher.