unlocking 7750BE

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  1. hat

    hat Guest

    I see some people unlocking the 7750BE to 4 cores... is this possible with my motherboard or do I need the SB750 chipset like for PII?

  2. Does hard-reset lock up a previously unlocked-phone?

    unlocked means different unrelated things in the context of a phone.

    If you mean SIM unlocked then you will be fine.

    If you mean Developer Unlocked then the phone will need to be unlocked again.
  3. Entegy

    Entegy Guest

    Is that possible to get updates after changing carrier?

    If your phone is unlocked (either because it's a developer-unlocked phone or you paid full price for an unlocked phone) then you will always get the update. Not so sure if it's not unlocked.
  4. p_o_s_pc

    p_o_s_pc Guest

    you need a SB750 for even a slight chance to get it to unlock. The way it is done is using ACC like the PII
  5. hat

    hat Guest


    Ah well, the only thing I run that quad core would benefit from is WCG and the very occasional compression of media files I made messing around w/ fraps... not buying another motherboard.

    I must admit I am impressed with this chip though. I got to 3GHz and undervolted from 1.325 to 1.3 and ran OCCT for 6 hours (not linpack, thought it was broken) and it came out clean. The only thing I don't like about it is the fact that the black edition adds overclocking options in the BIOS that are already there. I have 2 different places to change NB frequency for example. I leave one on auto and the other at whatever I set it to, but just for fun I purposely mismatched them and the computer got stuck in a loop of trying to come on and turning itself off.
  6. p_o_s_pc

    p_o_s_pc Guest

    I have been looking to get one of them chips just to play around with.
  7. hat

    hat Guest

    They're $61.99 free chipping on the egg. I'd say it's worth it. 3GHz at 1.3v seems stable, although I havn't had a chance to smash it with Linpack yet, although I did run it through 6 hours of the regular OCCT test.