Unlocked 720BE temp monitoring

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  1. Paulieg

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    I just unlocked my 720BE to a Quad. This is good. However, now I can't get Coretemp or Hwmonitor to show accurate temps. Both just report 0c, which of course is wrong. Anyone else experience this when they unlocked their chip? Is there some kind of fix? The board I'm using for this chip is the Gigabyte 790FXT-UD5.

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    I'm not sure how this issue would increase heat? My temps are exactly the same. And I should know as I monitor temps 24/7.
  3. thomasrice1

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  4. ASRockIQ

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    umm... the Apps. may not see the unlocked extra Core as it was unlocked/hacked through.
  5. mudkip

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    Try Everest
  6. mav2000

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    Once u unlock its not possible to get individual core readings, but I do get the cpu temp using cpuid hardware monitor, or everest for that matter. Individual cores is a no go with any temp monitor.
  7. Paulieg

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    That's what I needed to know. I hope this changes, since I really don't like not knowing the core temps. I guess it's the price you pay for a "free" core. *Laugh :laugh:
  8. mudkip

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    thanks for my 50th thanks
  9. Kenshai

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    Yup when you unlock the fourth core, you won't get any individual core temps. Really it's not bad though, I didn't see much of an increase in temperatures throughout my case after unlocking. It doesn't appear to put out as much heat as other quads, but don't quote me on that.
  10. HossHuge

    HossHuge Guest

    Just a quick question about unlocking cores. Do all 790fx and gx mobo's work of this or only certian companies?
  11. Kenshai

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    There is a list somewhere, but I would recommend searching around to see what people have used. The Gigabyte boards, Asus board (with hacked bios from my understanding,) Biostar. Believe there was one more, but you will need a specific bios for unlocking.
  12. Reefer86

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    im gona do some searching also as im looking into a new 790gx/fx board so if i found out i will post back here and if you do before i do i would love it if you could return the favour by posting here.
  13. erocker

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    I think you just want to keep temps under 45c for the CPU socket temp. *Toast :toast:
  14. HossHuge

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    I've decided against it after reading this.
  15. largon

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    It's impossible to get individual core temps out of a Phenom II as the chip only has one single temp sensor. Which is ofcourse located in the coolest possible place on the die - northbridge, that is. Besides, the readings are completely useless anyways as the sensor is totally out to lunch. For example, my stone reports >10ºC too low figures than what I can measure with a calibrated digital probe.