Solidified Coolant - Water Tubes

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    Does anyone know the best way to flush out lines? I've used a Gigabyte coolant and the inside of the tubes have seemed to solidify somewhat to a milky light blue colour. I have ordered some Fesser coolant to replace, won't be using Gigabyte again.

  2. C6-01: how to clean call speaker?

    What happens to that when you blow into it?

    moisture travels down the tube possible water damage can occur,
  3. Canal Control

    Hi alibear,

    you got it: You have to connect the two nozzles with tubes.

    Source is the nozzle with the red wheel, the other one is sink. Start at source.

    Connect the nozzles with the **bleep** elements.

    The water will start flowing at some time.

    Maybe you have built the pipeline very fast.

    Then you can accelerate the water flow by pressing '0'.

    Have fun!

  4. Fesser one is cheap stuff. Watered down car coolant with dye. I have no idea what Gigabyte uses but most pros say Fesser isn't very good. Better than the Gigabyte fluid I am sure, so you are still upgrading. *Smile Solidified Coolant - Water Tubes :) Triple distilled is still the best last time I checked.

    I flushed my lines with 91% Isopropyl alcohol.
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    Would vinegar work as well?
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    possibly but it reeeks of moldy cabbage...give it a try you can always use something else if that dont work
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    Cheap way....Yes, you can use a solution of hot water and vinegar... and you could add an anti-algea pill (get it from a pet shop) for best results....
  8. Where I live Isopropyl alcohol is $2 a liter. So I am not sure how it could get any cheaper than that. *Laugh :laugh: