Removing Thermal paste

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  1. good stuff - but for gpus I love the dms
  2. Inioch

    Inioch Guest

    +1 That's some great stuff ( and smells nice *Laugh :laugh: )
  3. Bo$$

    Bo$$ Guest

    i am using Akasa TIM clean and it smells nicer that articlean BTW, and solid removal performance
  4. Mussels

    Mussels Guest

    i bought it after w1zzard first reviewed it, and the stuffs awesome. It doesnt leave any residues behind, it can clear off even the really hard nasty stuff you get sometimes as a stock "paste" (its more like a wax), and best of all you can drink it and not die *Smile Removing Thermal paste :)
    I use toilet paper with it, not tissues as they tend to tear and leave bits behind. Once done i dust it off with a brush.

    I also use it to clean LCD screens, rusty hinges, and one time even oil gunked up over my car engine (yeah, i was bored)
  5. Bo$$

    Bo$$ Guest

    did it work well, +1 for trying *Rockout :rockout:
  6. Mussels

    Mussels Guest

    yeah it dissolved the stuff right off it. Only problem is that its such a small bottle, i couldnt clean the whole thing. articlean is awesome.