Removing Thermal paste

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  1. Delta6326

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    Was wandering what is the proper way to remove and clean your heatsink/CPU Intel Processor? i don't know if yea can use water or cloth or you have to use some type of special stuff?

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  2. BSOD caused by ntoskrnl.exe

    Explains everything:

    Please check your Intel Processor Thermal Solution

    Is it a Laptop or a Desktop. If a Desktop, Remove the heat sink and Reseat the Intel Processor with applying thermal paste.

    If it is a laptop it might need servicing.
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  3. ByConned

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    I found the problem was the CPU was overheating. Resulting in the symptoms. I removed the fan, cleaned it and the CPU and re-pasted Thermal Paste, then reattached the CPU and it runs fine.
  4. Kursah

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    I usually just use some cheap (around 1 buck at walmart) 90% isopropyl alchohol and some well, hasn't let me down yet. Some will complain it might leave some strands on the surface, but I have yet to get worse temps from it. Many use this method with success, I usually clean till I no longer get black on the q-tips then reseat with fresh TIM.

    *Toast :toast:
  5. AsRock

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    Isopropyl will do the trick ( highest % possible ). PLEASE DO not use water. Also get a fiber less cloth or paper.

    Yeah q tips are good if ya dam kids don't always use them all lol.

    EDIT: Not the fluffy ones though
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  7. Delta6326

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    k thanks i will try and see if i have some of that stuff laying around im geting ready to put on my new/used Xigmatek S1283.
    also i just put a rice size TIM on right?
  8. Kursah

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    Depends on what TIM you're using. I use MX-2 (same stuff that comes on the new Xig), I put a dab on each heatpipe since those are the transfer point of heat to the fins of the cooler, I have tried a dab in the middle, spreading on the CPU, it seems I get best results with a small stripe on each heatpipe.
  9. Delta6326

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    yeah i have MX-2< would 100% vodka work*Roll :roll: on removing the TIM
  10. phanbuey

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    yeah... it should, not as well as isopropyl, but hey. use what ya got *Stick Out Tongue Removing Thermal paste :p
  11. Kantastic

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    I heard vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol. I should give it a try sometime. *Rockout :rockout:
  12. Isopropyl alcohol is the old stand-by, and it works okay. Recently, I started using ArctiClean by Arctic Silver. It's easy to use, and it'll remove any paste or TIM. *Rockout :rockout:
  13. denatured mineral spirits FTW - its the best bar none
  14. Kenshai

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    Lately I've been using some moonshine *Smile Removing Thermal paste :)
  15. W1zzard

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    try arctic silver arcticlean .. worked on everything i ever encountered