overclocking 8800gts

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  1. mudkip

    mudkip Guest

    That's really hot , I think you should re apply your TIM or buy an aftermarket cooler , and if you don't want to do that , buy a new card. e.g. a second handed 8800GT , they will beat your GTS non overclocked
  2. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    yeah, I would but I don't have money atm that's why I'm overclocking in the first place...

    Temp always stays under 60C except GPU diod which get's up to 65-68C when I'm gaming
  3. Velvet Wafer

    Velvet Wafer Guest

    i fear furmark, since it blew me a psu some time ago... it was a cheap one...but the crackling sound itself was burned into my brain*Eek! overclocking 8800gts :eek:

    furmark is totally overkill... use rthdribl, is doesnt stresses your card and psu so much, but it heats it up nicely...

  4. mudkip

    mudkip Guest

    furmark is not overkill , if it isn't stable in furmark then your GPU will also nit be stable in other stressful games like crysis
  5. Velvet Wafer

    Velvet Wafer Guest

    lol dont tell me bullshit... my hd 4850 gets so hot, i cant use furmark, it will crash instantly. but i can game crysis for 5 hours in row...

    NO GAME STRESSES AS MUCH AS FURMARK!!! Its simply too much.

    Edit: Have you ever tested the difference between crysis and furmark? do it. you will see it for yourself...just log the temps..
  6. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    I'm actually playing crysis at the moment and I don't have any problems, temperature of GPU is 50C and GPU diod 57C
  7. mudkip

    mudkip Guest

    Well you can try overclock + testing in crysis with highest setting , or a setting which will stress you videocard
  8. newtekie1

    newtekie1 Guest

    FurMark is the extreme, too extreme for some. No game will every produce the heat that furmark does, and no game will ever stress the card as much as furmark does. That is the point, if it is stable in furmark, then it is stable everywhere else. A popular alternative is to run loops of 3DMark(06 or Vantage) and see if it is stable that way.

    78C is not too hot for a G80 running furmark, those cards get toasty. I wouldn't worry too much about temps, the card is going to start to artifact long before your temps get too high.

    Here is a nice guide on overclocking useing Rivatuner: Basic Guide to Overclocking using Rivatuner

    You also might want to raise the fan speed to help lower temps, you don't really need to, but you might as well since lower temps are better. That is also covered in the guide.
  9. Flyordie

    Flyordie Guest

    What did you expect, you got a Sapphire built card...
    Go ASUS and you will never look back. ;-)
  10. AKlass

    AKlass Guest

    78c isn't that hot for the G80 My G92 8800gts hits 80c running furmark
  11. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    I'm running it on 571/1322/863 for now. I can notice improvements
  12. francis511

    francis511 Guest

    Yeah it`s a hot card !
  13. Velvet Wafer

    Velvet Wafer Guest

    i had an asus 3870 before... i will never go back... additionally, your comment is uninformed, the chip of the 4850 is hot like a bastard, no matter which manufacturer it builds