overclocking 8800gts

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  1. mate209

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    I have 8800gts 320mb, at 513/1188/800

    can it be that simple to overclock with that RivaTuner so I just move the slide up and it overclocks?

    what should I overclock it to?

    what are maxes and what are reasonable/safe hz to overclock to?

    not sure is it evga or msi...

    thanks guys and sorry for noobish questions I have never done it before

  2. bebelsucu

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    can be overclocked in Windows 10?thank you !
  3. yasirrfc

    yasirrfc Guest

    ways to speed up n900?

    hey so does overclocking void warranty? and if i install cssu firmware then will it be as fast as overclocking? i mean if i only install cssu and dont take risk in overclocking then will it be as fast as overclocking?
  4. More importantly, do you have an aftermarket cooler? That thing will surely heat up more than you would imagine with a couple ups in the clocks.
    I used ATiTool for mine and it still works. I should prolly give RivaTuner a try though. Anywho, check my system specs. I have mine running
    24/7 at those clocks and crunching. I would definitely let the program find the max clocks though.
  5. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    I opened it and have a outside fan cooling it lol(it's working. I see that temperatures are lower in everest)

    what program do I use to find out my maxes?

    edit: and how beneficial is to overclock graphic card? I mean is there significant difference
  6. If you can get ATiTool, try that and run it and see what it gives you before you start to get artifacts. As far as mine goes,
    I could only get it up to that high. I may be able to get a couple mhz more out of my memory but I don't think I need to try and push it.
    lol I'm sure your ghetto mod could help it a little bit. To give you an idea, mine is running at ~50C to ~52C when crunching. With a load it usually
    goes up to about 60C or so.
  7. mudkip

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    Use GPU-z for temps.

    Usually I do this when I oc a GPU

    raise the GPU clockspeed with 10Mhz and do a stability test with furmark with xtreme burning mode on and 16x MSAA .

    If it's stable I continue with raising the clockspeed. Until furmark gives artifacts/ BSOD or temps are getting too high
  8. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    I ran atitool and find what maxes are and my screen went pink for 5 minutes and I had to restart my PC.

    ok, downloading FurMark...

    edit: do I put standard 2D, low power 3D or performance 3D on RivaTuner to overclock?
    BTW what are artifacts and when I overclock, I just increase Hz's on slider on RivaTuner right? I'm asking this because it sounds too simple lol
  9. Happened to me too. But you found your max's though.
    Honestly, I haven't done anything with RivaTuner, so idk that one.
    And artifacts are like, "snow" or little particles that screw up the picture. It's a result from your memory being overclocked to high or are unstable.
  10. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    how much Hz should I increase to get noticeable results?
  11. I really can't tell ya. It depends on your system. I would say atleast 50-65Mhz should produce a little bit more power.
    I would say bump it up 10Mhz like mudkip said, then run Furtest. Yes, it will prolly take you a long while to get it to where your
    computer and you like it. It isn't meant to be a short process the first time round.
  12. mate209

    mate209 Guest

    yeah I did inrease it for 10Mhz and I ran furbar, The temperature plateaued at 78 C
  13. stanhemi

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    if you use furmark here a artefact screenshot (just a exemple)

    overclocking 8800gts [​IMG]
  14. mate209

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    nothing like that appeared, When it appears I just hit esc or what? and for how long should I keep the furbar running , it stayed on 78C for a while so I hit esc
  15. stanhemi

    stanhemi Guest

    yes you hit escape and decreased your overclocked