Odd question about water cooling

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  1. jmcslob

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    OK i have a nice 59 gallon tropical fish aquarium setup, and requires a nice water pump for the filter and it needs to be heated to 84+ degrees f.... My question has nothing to do with using the water directly in a water cooler pc loop, but How cool would it be to put the radiator in the tank for heating the fish tank and cooling the pc? Dont worry about pump or pump line pressure, or loop lengths
    I need actual wacky cooling ideas, got any that would work?

  2. tweets---01

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    N91-8GB temperature test

    boiling the kettle is effectivly distilling the water, i did say let the water cool
  3. spnelson2000

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    Since the upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, I get very low FPS (4 to 50)

    Had a bad water cooling CPU fan, replaced it and all is fine now.
  4. erocker

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    Of course it would heat up the fish tank, but probably way too much and would kill your fish.
  5. jmcslob

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    It's got a 300watt heater on it and it's on a lot, It's 85 f here now and that's hot for around here, so im not so sure if it would even keep up with the tank,but it would make sense to add a second loop with fans and a flow valve just in case, plus i really want a some what good way to bring my fish closer to me, it's relaxing watching them eat each other
  6. rampage

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    when i read the title of this i thought to me self no you cant add fish to you loop, i was close

    its been done a few times but i think it would clog up the water block ect with alge build up ect, other wise id probely be doing to *Stick Out Tongue Odd question about water cooling :p

    if it was starting to over heat the tank, all you need is a chiller from marine tanks for the tank to keep at the temp wanted
  7. Bundy

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    Your heating values are about right but the fish need the temperature controlled to within a degree, otherwise they may stress and die. I'm not sure how you are going to do this unless you only run the computer when it's cold.
  8. rampage

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    you have a heater in the tank and it dosnt matter, heater + pc can heat it up, only issue is over heating and a chiller (as said above) will fix that (chills the water if its too hot)

    fish are tougher then 1 degree (trust me ive had plent of tropical fish) only time ive ever lost them is when i put bore water in not rain water *Frown Odd question about water cooling :() they have even survided 2 dead heaters and droped to only 10c over night insted of the usual 26c. not reconmended but there tough in an established tank
  9. jmcslob

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    well i have a NZXT thermal control panel that turns off fans when a preset temp is reached, instead of a fan connect it to a 2 way relay switch to close loop when max temp is reached-also relay requires power to remain open- no power, loop colsed- loop closed flow switch off- start air cooled loop- basically i want to cool my pc and save $ on heating my fishies, i will still have a heater for the fish it just won't be on as much .....ODD yes but consider this I have 20 lights/lamps, all on is only 32watts total*Rockout :rockout: LED's FUCKING ROCK...... I like to find ways to use as little power as possible
    Yeah i know that's a lot of industrial equipment But i live in North East OHIO so it's cheap and easy to find, or i could just have my dad borrow it from work*Wink Odd question about water cooling ;)
  10. Bundy

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    Sounds good to go then. Also what rampage said - leave your heater in the aquarium for when the computer if off.
  11. jmcslob

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    Now i just got this past the old lady,she's already pissed about some other purchases i made