newb temperature question on load

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  1. Sanhime

    Sanhime Guest

    I just upgrade to i7 920, removed stock fan andput in a Xigmatek Dark knight. OCed to 3.4Ghz. Idle is around 32-35. My load temps are around 60C on all cores +/- 2C. Is this normal?

  2. Mr.Gladson

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    Newb Questions


    What started all this was me hurting for some more disk space.Let me tell what I've done-I've run Disk Cleanup,Uninstalled apps and programs,Analyzed Disk Space,Reduced System Restore,Cleared Update Cache,Deleted/Disabled Hibernation and lastly Deleted Delivery
    Optimization Files.

    Also I didn't touch the registry because I saw some reports and they scared me.If anyone has any other ideas about stuff/maintenance I could do to the computer tell me.

    I have a couple of questions

    How do I completely uninstall a program safely?

    Are there any utility programs I should be using?(I've heard mostly bad things and the ones I'm talking about are both software/hardware updaters and PcCleaners programs)

    Are there any safe ways to do what cleaning programs do myself?
  3. Mr.Gladson

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    Newb Questions

    As for the directx end-user runtimes I still can't find anything that would work.I looked at the c:\windows\\framework its there thanks for that.Now I'm all good
    save for directx end-user runtimes I did try google found only links to it.
  4. mlee49

    mlee49 Guest

    Yes, yes it is. How much voltage are you running?
  5. Sanhime

    Sanhime Guest

    I'm using this evga eleet app, it says CPU VCORE hovers around 1.21 and 1.22. There are a bunch of other voltage measurements too, but I don't know what they are.
  6. mlee49

    mlee49 Guest

    Your vCore should be the voltages to your cpu. It looks good man, is your chip a D0? Sounds like you got a good one! *Toast :toast:
  7. phanbuey

    phanbuey Guest

    yeah thats actually pretty cool for i7
  8. Sanhime

    Sanhime Guest

    D0 stepping? I think its enabled? should it be off?
  9. phanbuey

    phanbuey Guest

    a stepping isn't an option... its the version of your Intel Processor...


    ^ read that *Toast :toast:
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  10. Sanhime

    Sanhime Guest

    Yea, eleet reads it as D0. I assume that the latest revision? On the box, there something that says Ver. E then a bunch of numbers following it
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  11. Sanhime

    Sanhime Guest

    I might have misread the cpu temps. I didnt realize eleet shows temp for "CPU", and it shows temp for "CPU Core 1, 2, 3, 4". The core temps all peak about 60C at load. The CPU temp shows 45C at load. Does that mean, my CPU temp is actually 45C, not 60C? Which one am I suppose to focus on?
  12. sneekypeet

    sneekypeet Guest

    In my opinion you shouls watch the cores, the other temps is most likely the CPU socket temperature.

    Either way you are god to go, I have seen i7's run in the 90's*Smile newb temperature question on load :)
  13. IINexusII

    IINexusII Guest

    your doing better then me on a e7300 with a dark knight *Big Grin newb temperature question on load :D
  14. grunt_408

    grunt_408 Guest

    They run fairly warm the i7's. I dont think it will be long and I will have me a w/c loop *Stick Out Tongue newb temperature question on load :p
  15. douglatins

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    Room temps?