New 4850 skipping/jumping when OC'ed.

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    Ive bought and installed my shiny new Asus 4850, with a Glaciator HS (which tbh isn't that great), and I've decided to see how high it can go; I've gotten it up to 710 MHz on the core and 1120 MHz on the RAM stable (I think).
    Problem is, when it comes to benchmarking (furmark and Vantage), every second or so the frames will stop, then go back to smooth rendering after a few milliseconds. It is very noticeable, but since there are no artifacts and my scores seem alright I think the OC is fine.
    What could be causing these microskips? Any help will be greatly appreciated! *Respect :respect:

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    Is the gpu doing this at standard clock speeds? You didnt say.

    If not I'd say you have gone to high with the oc. It maybe causing errors with the frame synchronizing.

    Just slow both core & mem clocks down 10mhz & test. If frame skipping still there slow them another ten. You may find you have to back it off a fair bit as your oc does seem abit extreme.
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    Even at stock clocks the frames seem to be skipping every few seconds, but its like every 3 instead of every 1 second at stock.

    Also, with games it seems to be working fine, I've maxed out TF2 (with hidden settings) and L4D fine, and they're the games I play most. Both work fine.
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    That dont sound good !

    Try changing the refresh rate. Maybe its set high & your monitors struggling with it.

    If its not that & you havent already done so, try installing the latest drivers. & dont install CCC this time you dont need it. Riva tuna can be used to OC !

    Failing those i'd say theres a good chance its faulty. So return it & get replacement or refund.
  7. guys look at the psu hes has, i would say hes pushing it, that explains why furmark is jumping then smooth, when 4830 is at full load it needs max amps, if not u get lock up's system random crashes, card overheating
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    based on your info 2 ideas come to mind 1st there is an app in the back ground that is hogging memory time when it polls the sys == every second or so the frames will stop, then go back to smooth rendering after a few milliseconds. ==
    or the clocks on your mem are just a tad to fast & it lags to catch up
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    Hes already said it works fine when gaming ! Hence i said check refresh rate. Some games change it to 60htz.
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    I don't reckon its faulty, they guy I bought it from said he's been using it fine for a while.
    And I do think its possible that the PSU could be the fault, it is a very cheapass no-name PSU.
    Would 300 watts on the 12 volt rail be enough? Thats what this one is supplying at the moment, as it doesn't have a dedicated 6-pin connector.
    Also, the frame skipping doesn't seem to affect my scores in benchmarks, its just a real eyesore and I know its not meant to happen. In my experiance if a card is unstable the benchmark will just crash, unless unstability affects ATI cards different from nVidia.

    I've also got the option of 60 Hz or 75 Hz refresh rate for my monitor, and its at 60 Hz now. How would I check if the frames aren't synchronising with the refresh rate?
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    after changeing the refresh rate did you rerun thr Mark to check??
    as far as the PSU the 'noname' might be alittle weak
    "In my view the Radeon HD 4850 series require you to have a 450 Watt power supply unit at minimum " from here
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    little tip on OCing your ATI card.. Lower Mem clocks and Higher Core Clocks to get a good OC. For some reason every ATi card I have ever used is like that...

    Try leaving the MEM at stock and just OC the hell outa that core *Big Grin New 4850 skipping/jumping when OC'ed. :D

    Also.. I dont think its your PSU. The 4850's are great cards and DO NOT require an ass load of voltage *Wink New 4850 skipping/jumping when OC'ed. ;)
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    I think I've found what was wrong! In the 3D Settings menu (in the right click menu), I've put "Wait for vertical refresh" to "Always off". This seems to have fixed the stuttering, even with 710/1120 MHz core/ram speeds!
    I'll be upgrading my PSU in the next few months, but now the card seems plenty stable for benchmarking; I just got a GPU score of 8112 on Vantage!

    One last question; what does it mean if my graphics card is making high pitched squealing when changing between 3DMark tests?
  14. i wouldn't worry about it, whats your video cards temps?