My Xiggy S1238 is weird :)

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  1. runnin17

    runnin17 Guest

    That's reassuring. Looks like overnight the temps settled down a bit. Probably the AS5 settling in.

    Oh well, I will keep her at the same speeds until I have time to mess with the heatsink.
  2. freaksavior

    freaksavior Guest

    bolt through kit yes, lapping not necessarily true. Get a box cutter blade and stick it on the base, if its got a huge bow in it then yes lap it. A lot of coolers have a slight bow in them on purpose
  3. newtekie1

    newtekie1 Guest

    My Xiggy was perfectly flat, but still needed lapping. It seems like, from what I have read and heard, the Xiggy coolers are very inconsitant with their lap jobs from the factory.

    Mine had huge deap grooves in the cooper heatpipes, almost like it had been flattened with 50 Grit, then just shipped out. While others report beautiful jobs on their Xiggy bases.

    Either way, a quick lap with 1,500 Grit can't really hurt.
  4. runnin17

    runnin17 Guest

    Mine was pretty flat. I put a razor blade on it to test it and I couldn't notice any obvious bowing.

    I threw another fan on for a push-pull setup and also threw a 120mm on top of the ram. Ran Linpak and the temps topped out at 73C.

    I'm pretty happy with that. I was also able to bump my voltage down a bit and it was still stable. I may try and see if I can play with the voltage a little more to see exactly what it needs to be stable.
  5. Asylum

    Asylum Guest

    Yea after you get it stable...Always go back and see if you can lower your voltage.
    No point in giving it more than it needs!!
  6. AsRock

    AsRock Guest

    LOL.. if some things going fail it will. Chances are putting that much strain on some thing is more likley to start some thing to fail. Even more so people on this forum as they do not just run it once but many times.
  7. phanbuey

    phanbuey Guest

    I run them both several times a day *Big Grin My Xiggy S1238 is weird :) :D. Can never be too sure. (I really do, but its only to see how much damage a quad and some GT200's can do to my water loop as i tweak it for moar cooling).
  8. pepsi71ocean

    pepsi71ocean Guest

    i noticed that the aluminum fins stuck farther out then the copper heat pipe, that is why i said to lap it. top get to the copper.
  9. Mussels

    Mussels Guest

    if you're afraid to run linpack, you'd better not fold, crunch, or game... you might wear your PC out.