My Home Made Water Cooling Setup!

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  1. kyle2020

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    Any shots of the block itself inside? As in pin array and such *Smile My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :)
  2. MRCL

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    I'm new to watercooling myself. Of course it had to start somewhere, and I saw pictures of the earliest blocks and such. But I'm not familiar with the whole history. So sorry if I offended you in any way*Smile My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :)
  3. amit_talkin

    amit_talkin Guest

    Thnx man, yeah well I will remove extra coolant n will add more dis. water *Smile My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :).

    My NB heatsink is too large, but I dont know how to remove that heatpipe which connects NB to CPU regulators heatsink. otherwise it is easy to make NB water block. And I have used silver ( which u said glue ) to weld copper 2 copper. that shiny white material u seeing around copper is silver. nozzles are made from brass.

    Thanks very much for ur compliments buddy *Smile My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :).

    I m also thinking abt how to make full cover block for 4890! It can be done for GPU only, but full cover block is a diff. story..need lotta work to make it and still I dont knw how to start working on it! :s. I m thinking I can make 2 piece block,,1 for GPU , 1 for vrams .

    Its not modern radiator, its copper-brass radiator and should be much efficient than aluminum based radiators. current coolant i m using has ratio of 1:5 ( coolant: water ).

    sorry to say, no pins or array inside the block, I didnt get this idea in my mind until block was made! so it is plain surface inside. contact surface is 3mm thick and lapped.
  4. D3M0N-G4M3R

    D3M0N-G4M3R Guest

    Whats your temps like man? I agree with the above post on that liquid though, that looks really sticky and thick.
  5. Sasqui

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    Way CoOL!!! What are you using for a pump? (...did I miss that part?)
  6. amit_talkin

    amit_talkin Guest

    temp. on my q9450@3.6GHz are 51-47-42-43 idle...I know its high, because I have got faulty CPU chip ( got it cheaper though ). previously with OCZ vendetta 2, it was 58-55-54-51! in how much proporsal I should use coolant?

    Its a submersible pump. see reservoir pic.
    Here is the product link
  7. btarunr

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    The easiest way to get started (now that the base is thick), is to etch it from the inside to add surface-area.

    Great job otherwise *Toast :toast:
  8. Sasqui

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    [/quote] Click to expand... Sweet. What model did you get?
  9. btarunr

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    He said 1200 lph, so it has to be THS-3000.
  10. amit_talkin

    amit_talkin Guest

    Yeah, THS 3000. guess wht it costs? $17 USD! with 1 year warranty. radiator cost me $36 USD. Lapping was done on electro-platting machine. it cost me $0.21 USD.
  11. Braveheart

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    Im impressed.
  12. D3M0N-G4M3R

    D3M0N-G4M3R Guest

    i think if your using coolant its 20% (10% maybe) coolant and the rest distilled water, i think anyways, itd be worth checking that. it may be different anyways for ur coolant, that does look pretty thick though. It may even be worth using distilled water on its own to see if your temps improve and just buy some good water dye.
  13. CH33TAH

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    Awesome ! Where did you have the waterblock machined ?
  14. Flibolito

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    Awesome bro I really like that setup.
  15. amit_talkin

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    making block was an interesting part of the project. It was done at a 'Steel Workshop'.
    cutting, finishing was done on lathe machine, then they weld it with gas-welder. They were very experienced with all these so overall work was done nicely. However, it needs to be done carefully, because it gets too hot while doing welding job, and copper surface could bend up due to too much heat. Same with lapping process on electro-platting machine ( the machine on which they lap steel parts, like our bathroom accessories, thts why the look shiny ), it also needs too much care because too much heating could loose welded joints.

    Materials I have used to make this block are a copper plate ( 60x60mm for CPU contact surface, 50x50mm for top surface where nozzles are welded ,3mm thick ), a piece of copper pipe ( 1/2 inch, 50mm diameter ), 2 brass nozzles.