My Home Made Water Cooling Setup!

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  1. amit_talkin

    amit_talkin Guest

    I m posting pics of my running home made wc setup. I was working on it for last 2 months, finally done it! Its working great for last 20 days in my system. so here are the pics , hope u like this ghetto way of water cooling setup *Big Grin My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :D.

    I m now planning to make water block for my HD4890, but I want full cover block, so confused abt how to make it!*Confused My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :confused:. Hope I will find a way though *Wink My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! ;).

    so Here we go...*Smile My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :)

    1. The CPU Water Block

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    2. Water Block with acrylic mount

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    3. Lapped contact surface of the water block

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    4. Radiator with 6x120mm - 80 CFM Fans.

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    5. Reservoir ( Submersible pump inside, 1200 LPH ).

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    * System Pics below *

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

    My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! [​IMG]

  2. tweets---01

    tweets---01 Guest

    N91-8GB temperature test

    boiling the kettle is effectivly distilling the water, i did say let the water cool
  3. fpavlic

    fpavlic Guest

    My LG Optimus 7 reboots by itself almost everyday

    Lowdown here:

    That can be the point, overheating seems to be my issue.

    Should I dunk it to a jar of water and close it for a while to cool down ?
  4. MRCL

    MRCL Guest

    Lol omg omfg. That really works? I take my hat off to you.
  5. amit_talkin

    amit_talkin Guest

    Yes, it works! as I said, Its been running over 20 days without any prob. ( No leakage , my pc is 24x7 ON for downloads and havent shutdown for last 2 days. ) . My temp. went down 8c compared to OCZ Vendetta 2 I was using on my PC.
  6. Asylum

    Asylum Guest

    Dam...Nice job there man.
    Your liquid looks alittle thick though.What are you useing?
    Maybe try thining it out with some distilled water.
    Should make your temps even better.
  7. amit_talkin

    amit_talkin Guest

    As this is my 1st project, I was too eager to complete it fast as possible. So I didnt care much about coolant n all. Right now I m using Distilled water + automobile coolant ( 1:5 ) . Dont know this one is good or bad for my setup *Confused My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :confused:.
  8. r9

    r9 Guest

    Why can`t I see the pictures ?
  9. JrRacinFan

    JrRacinFan Guest

    Nice job! You could probably cut out the coolant and use strictly distilled water if you wish. Either way congrats and i love the look of that CPU block.
  10. djshadow

    djshadow Guest

    Thats extremely sick ! Your da man here .

    And btw, maybe u have some ideas for NB ?

    I cant see there, you used glue (as i think it's copper lol ) for copper ?
    Or you have welded it ?

    I'm really suprised with your home made things.
  11. TheCrow

    TheCrow Guest

    Kudos for giving it a bash and pulling it off!

    Absolutely brilliant! Just goes to show you dont have to spend a fortune, just have an idea!
  12. a_ump

    a_ump Guest

    dam nice man, haha this is one thing i never thought i'd see. homemade cpu block and h20 setup. that'd be tight if you manage to pull off a full coverage water block for your card *Toast :toast:
  13. tong

    tong Guest

    How do you think water cooling pc's got started? Those "old-school" of us use to hang out at in their forums trading secrets, that's where it got started back in the celeron 300 days. Doing home made water blocks and such, trading machining tips and secrets, where do you think Cathar got so big? Everyone knows the Swiftech storm, thing is it's based on Cathar's design, and one of his rev 6 silver based blocks still brings close to 300 dollars for the block due to the unmatched performance. Pump curves, flow rates, thermal dissipation.... all of that was started there.

    It's the place you went to to figure out what kind of block would due best with the pump u wanted to use or radiator or even what blocks and which designs were good for TEC's, what kind of flow rates and head pressure your pump would need to get the right flow to not burn your whole system if you did have a TEC. The original heater-core radiator designs were from there (most radiators now are based on this one specifically), 1977 Pontiac Bonneville with AC heater-core (35 bux at your local parts store and it fits 2 x 120mm fans perfectly), there was a whole thread dedicated to flow rates and thermal dissipation of just heater-cores, in fact it went even further as to what brand car they belonged to, the original 240mm radiator was a heater-core from a Ford. Bet most of you never heard of Iwaki pumps, most new pump designs got their start there, silent water cooling got it's original base there also, one of the members built a whole system with 0 fans in it, all water cooling using passive cooling as a method of heat dissipation for all his hardware. There's a dedicated thread just to additives and water temp relationship, most of the additives today that are being used are junk due to clogging and pump destruction, but people still use it.

    I think there;s still threads with pictures of peoples home made blocks. EKK got started there, bunch of other blocks got designs and inputs from that site and the true enthusiasts.

    To the OP, nice setup, now that's true hardcore water-cooling enthusiast. Tip: try doing a waterfall evap as a reservoir, bet you'll drop another 3 to 5 degrees C on top of it, only thing is you need to keep your eye on the water level.

    Edit: oh yeah it makes you pee a lot due to the sound of the waterfall it makes.
  14. Easo

    Easo Guest

    This is great!
  15. NastyHabits

    NastyHabits Guest

    Fantastic. Love it. *Cool My Home Made Water Cooling Setup! :cool:

    Beware of using pure distilled water with your setup. It that's a modern radiator, it's made of aluminum and plastic. You should run the same ratio as a car: 1:1 water and antifreeze. If it's an old radiator with a copper core and brass tanks, then water is fine.