Mickey: Zen 3 Machine Check Exception Cache hierarchy reboots are back...

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  1. GerKNG

    GerKNG Guest

    Bios Up to Date
    Tested on Two B550 Strix Boards
    Two 5900X, One 5800X (Stock...)
    Tested with 5 GPUs
    2 PSUs
    All existing Bios Versions.
    Several clean installations of Windows 10.
    Swapped SSD
    Swapped RAM
    Ran every existing stresstest in the last 6 Weeks.
    Disabled Core Boost, enabled Typical Current load for the PSU, disabled C States. tried everything every forum ever had left as some secret fixes etc.

    I have three Zen 3 Chips and every single one has random black screens, Reboot, Back to...

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