Mickey: Speedfan won't recognise my CM Hyper 212X

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    Alright so I've noticed this that after playing around 20-30Mins of Gaming my PC automatically shuts down..Thought Heating might b the culprit so checked on the fans but they all r working fine!
    PC specs-(all at stock)
    FX 6300
    MSI 970 mobo
    Asus strix 970 gpu
    Hyperx fury 8GB
    Hyper 212x
    550W PSU
    4+3TB storage

    So yesterday i installed MSI afterburner and manually set d gpu fanspeed but though my gpu was running cool the pc still went off after one session of gaming
    Speedfan shows Fan1,2,3 as 0...

    Speedfan won't recognise my CM Hyper 212X