Mickey: Should I use a 2 sata to 8pin pcie connector

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    So basically bought a almost full pc without gpu, ram and storage for 35 euro. The things I got:
    cooler master case;
    i5 7400;
    ASUS h110 motherboard;
    stock cooler;
    and the main reason for this thread a 400w 80plus bronze psu from fsp(4xmolex; 3xsata; 1x6pin gpu; 1x4pin cpu and 24pin)
    Since I want to flip the pc I'm gonna buy 16gb ram and thinking between a 1070 and a 1060.
    So the question is buy a 1060 witch uses a 6pin or a 1070 witch uses an 8pin(i would use a molex to 2 sata and a molex...

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