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    Dalian Modular Assembly Technology Co., Ltd
    Dalian Modular Assembly Technology Co., Ltd (MAT) founded in 2009. MAT headquarters located in Dalian, China. We created innovative Aluminum Framing System designed as a cost-effective and more flexible alternative to traditional steel weldments.
    As the acceptance of aluminum extrusions progressed, so did MAT by expanding its product offerings to meet the evolving needs of manufacturing companies and machine builders.
    Today, MAT has a complete system of aluminum profiles from PG15 to PG60 and also has a various range of accessories to match our profiles. Based on this, we also provide conveyors, workstations, machine guards, stairs and platforms. Recently we have also developed the Tubular Framing System which is an essential tool of logistics integration.
    MAT Products
    MAT has five product systems, MAS, MGS, SPS, TFS, MCS
    Modular Assembly System (MAS) is composed of industrial aluminum profiles and accessories, you can quickly find a solution for all tasks with complete specification of profile and variety of accessories from MAT.
    Machine Guard System (MGS) is designed for customers with advanced guarding need. The special design of guarding profiles offer better appearance and unique fastening elements bring faster and safer connections

    Stair and Platform System (SPS) is commonly used for overpass bridges over machinery and equipment. The assembly can be realized easily by simple fastening screws without any machine work. The system is very easy and convenient to use.
    Tubular Framing System (TFS) is a flexible modular system composed of special profile tubes and accessories to build a diverse range of flow racks, material shuttles. TFS is simple and quick to use, as low cost.
    The Modular Conveyor System (MGS) includes pallet conveyor, belt conveyor, roller conveyor etc. They are widely used in car component production, pharmaceutical, electronic, tobacco, packing and other industries.
    MAT advantages:
    Planning Software
    ●Complete product info
    ●CAD library
    ●Quick & easy configurator
    ●Layout designer for fast and easy planning
    On-time, rapid delivery
    ●All components in stocks
    ●Pre-assembly modules, complete frame
    ●Prompt shipping and exemplary delivery reliability
    ●High flexible conversion and extension options
    To be the most trusted supplier and brand of industrial automation all over the world.
    MAT Mission
    Thanks to a steadfast commitment to quality, innovation, devotion, keeping improving and customer care, MAT product has been sold to over 60 countries. Without fail, MAT solve our customer’s Industrial automation challenges and are built to last. The experience of working with MAT first time customers into repeat customers and then into lifetime partners.
    The work of every person at MAT directly impacts the customer and we are committed to understand our customer and their needs. We work as a team to exceed those requirements.
    MAT Partner
    Power Roller Conveyor factory
    website:China Aluminum Profile, Machine Guarding, Tubular Framing Manufacturers and Factory - Dalian Modular Assembly Technology Co.,Ltd