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    HPC001 Standalone People Counting system is a basic infrared beam device to measure the number of people pass by a entrance, there is a transmitter and receiver installed at two sides of entrance, mainly for basic analysis for people flow.
    Low cost and easy to operate;
    LCD display, easy to check data;
    Compact and light weight;
    Lower battery indicator on LCD screen;
    Capable to built into EAS antenna to work together;
    Traffic data on desktop display for immediate inquiry.

    Size: 113*67*20mm
    Weight: 213g
    Data checking way: LCD screen & USB retrieval
    Internal memory capacity: 500 hours
    LCD screen size: 1.5 inch
    Power ways: battery (international standard)
    Door width detection :1-5 meters
    Counter Management: Windows
    Software: Yes
    Lower battery indicator :Yes
    Operation languages: English/Chinese
    Wireless non-directional

    HPC001 is suitable for customers who only need total non-directional data that is displayed on LCD screen (battery powered). This device is used the place which has less than 5m entrance like small shop, restroom, office, etc.
    1: 1 year quality assurance for free repair and replace(does not contain intentional human destruction)
    2: 24-hours after-sale service support for Technical and installation.
    Q:Is this device is directional?
    A: No, it is non-directional, you can divide the total number by two to get the person number.
    Q: How can I install the device?
    A: It is easy installed, we provide 3M gum and screws, you can choose the prefer way to fix it.
    Q: How can I get the data?
    A: Use the USB cable we provided to connect the RX with computer, then data will be exported to the software, and the data will be stored in database.People Counter
    website:China People Counter Manufacturers and Suppliers - Buy Good Price People Counter - HIGHLIGHT