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    About Us
    ◆ Our History
    Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd is founded in 1998, now Newlife Magnet has become into the world’s largest manufacturer of flexible magnetic materials. Newlife is the inventor and the world’s largest manufacturer of wide-format magnetic POP materials, the largest format up to 64 inches wide. Newlife has more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing magnet materials and our professional R&D team of more than 80 scientist and engineers leads the industry in innovation and new product development. Our continuous efforts to study and research new ways to apply magnets in the print and sign industry, and to improve our magnetic materials, enables us to offer you the thinnest, widest, lightest, and strongest magnetic materials and the best printing solutions available.
    Till today the total employees of Newlife now is 800+.
    Guangzhou Headquarters
    Today we offer the new generation of products with stronger magnetic energy and new print substrates. NEWLIFE products are made of recycled materials that are eco-friendly and meet EN71, RoHS, and ASTM requirements. We also have materials that are 100% recyclable. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 certified quality systems. From complex magnetic, automotive assemblies to simple refrigerator magnets, we have a magnet product that will meet or exceed your expectations.
    US Warehouse And Office
    Our OEM customers include; Mabuchi, Nidec, Sanyo, Panasonic, Sony, Sankyo, Samsung, Johnson, Delta, Foxxconn, AAi, BMW and Fiat. And our served brands include: BELLE, NIKE, PUMA, CocaCola, PEPSI, McDonalds, adidas, VERO MODA, UNI QLO, ELEGANT PROSPER, GUCCI, SEPTWOLVES, hong, DONNA DARAN NEW YORK, KANGNAI, KLTENDIN, BOSS DHS, ONLY, YOUNGOR, PORTS EYE WEAR, NOKIA, CONVERSE, Mercedes, and BMW.
    Vietnam Factory
    Our magnet products and assemblies can be found in airplanes, automobiles, electronics, medical devices, home & office products, electric DC motors, sensors, speakers, door & window gaskets, labels, signage, POP displays, mail advertizing, magnetic post cards and business cards, AD speicality products, Wide-format magnet wall systems and signage, refrigerator magnets and many other applications.
    Yonghe Factory
    All of our raw flexible magnet products sold in the US are made in Vietnam, so don't worry about anti-dumping duty. All other non-magnet products are manufactured in our manufacturing plants located in Gaungzhou, China.
    ◆ Newlife Factory
    Newlife has 5 factories, include Guangzhou manufacturing plants, Ningbo manufacturing plant and Vietnam manufacturing plant, Newlife also has a warehouse which located Alcoa, Tennessee. Total area of our plants is more than 120,000 ㎡ and have huge inventory of magnetic products.
    NINGBO Factory
    ◆ Newlife Products
    Flexible Magnetic sheeting, Magnetic Extrusion, Magnetic receptive sheeting/film, Ferrous Paint, Dry Wipe Magnetic film, Wet Wipe Magnetic film, Printable Cling Material.
    ◆ Applications of Newlife Products
    NEWLIFE products are widly used in Vehicle Signage, POP, Visual Graphics, Indoor Signage, Outdoor Signage, Promotional Magnets, Refrigerator Magnets, Educational Magnets, Magnetic Toys, Craft/Home/Office Supplies, Decoration Magnets, OEM.Magnetic Primer suppliers
    website:China Flexible Magnets, Magnetic Receptive Media, Magnetic Paint, Chalk Board Sheets, Electronic Components Factory & Manufacturers & Suppliers - Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co.,Ltd
    website2:China Imanes flexibles, medios receptivos magnéticos, pintura magnética, hojas del tablero de tiza, fábrica de componentes electrónicos y fabricantes y proveedores - Guangzhou Newlife Magnet Electricity Co., Ltd