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    Zhejiang LV house Co., Ltd based in Yiwu city,Zhejiang Province,China –famous international purchasing market here .We near Hangzhou Alibaba and Shanghai airport .We are in china market since 2002 ,at the beginning our main projects for steel material building ,the biggest one for Pakistan Tour Iron Tower and total project value for four hundred million dollars ,in Saudi we also made lots stainless steel city sculptures for government tender ,but when 2008 Sichuan Earthquake that lots of people lost life and families and house ,there all home houses by concrete structure that caused tragedy .
    Even our company made some support to local people like tents, food, medicine etc ,but there can’t enough ,we supplied some prefab houses by light steel ,but is not ok when aftershocks come again and again ,we found steel structure some problems by heavy weight material ,then ,there USA clients suggested us to use the sip panel for house building that will be safer and build fast .finally ,there some sip small tiny houses built before cold winter coming ,people warm inside sip house than tent .since then ,our motto for “we only supply affordable homes house ” for people they can feel warm feelings whoever we are .
    SIPs panels in factory :
    SIPs panels in project site :
    Our main products for tiny house by SIP panels ,also supply the luxury large prefab house like hotel ,villa etc ,the tiny house for small smart type ,people can enjoy relaxing time in there , as coffee ,reading ,sport ,or as office ,studio ,etc . All the tiny house easy to build by ourselves ,we also can DIY the our homes house for living ,we only need your kind ideas then we show the designs for your choices ,like personal customized ,then ,you can get your ideal house .
    About LV sip house construction system not only for energy efficient also for healthy intelligent homes. As we know the sip panel structure good for constant temperature when hot summer and cold winter . and the intelligent furniture will make life easy and simple .new-wind system to keep the indoor always for fresh air .
    Now ,our mass producing sip house to foreign market government tender projects in India and Russia for resident house ,villa house ,and garden tiny house for private rest time etc ,our sip house raw material OSB board from APA wood in USA that match the PS 2 standard .
    Anyway ,We are here to build what homes house you want !
    SIP panel cover by OSB ,FCB ,MGO and middle panel by EPS foam :
    Material Details (OSB and EPS as example ):OSB is made from fast-growing,small-diameter trees that can be harvested fromplantations,avoiding the need for cutting old-growth trees . EPS foam is recyclable material that is completely inert in the environment,and producing EPS foam insulation requires less energy ,and no CFCs are used in the process.
    Energy Efficiency :
    SIP homes require up to50% less energy to heat and cool than stick-framed homes,meaning less fossil fuel consumption &fewer greenhouse gas emissions.the efficiency of SIP building is a result of both the air-tight envelope the panels create , and the substantially higher R-Value of SIPs when compared to stick-framed walls .
    Thermal Insulated Effect and Air Quality :
    SIP panels with good thermal insulated effect when winter or summer , and release no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Furthermore ,because SIP – built structures are so air-tight ,indoor air quality can be closely controlled ,a huge advantage for those with environment or chemical allergies .
    SIPs house with good thermal insulated effect by EPS that made our homes cooler in summer and warmer in winter than cement material .

    SIPs house with high efficient-energy when hot summer and cold winter will save enough cost for air-conditioning .And SIP panel will keep indoor for dry environment no condensation, no moldy ,avoid the bacterial growth that we can live in healthy house .

    Technique team -LZ house team with professional design engineers and technique workers
    about twenty people ,they are in this field for five years at least , and their research about
    prefabricated construction & easy installation with very high level practical applications ,that
    will reduce the cost and time for total projects,our team can customize your ideal designs
    with more solutions, anyway LZ house team will do our all to supply the best service for your
    kind requests .
    Installation &after-sales service - about the unprofessional clients LZhouse will supply service
    for installation project site ,our engineers will guide you how to use short time to build good
    house ,and if there any questions during installation ,you can contact us immediately ,we will
    deal with as soon as possible,for every order we will follow every steps since contract until
    you and your family enjoy the safe and warm homes .

    R&D department can supply the customized designs from clients requests,our main order
    for tender projects as the real estate residents house from government bidding .
    2016 hotel house in india market :
    2014 project in Russia market :
    Product Application
    1. Residence living sip house
    2. Tourist and holiday sip hotel house
    3. Family sip villa house
    4. sip small tiny house
    5. Government residential project
    6. Real estate development project
    7. Sip Constructions for other purpose.
    Our sip panel house the raw material from wood APA USA that to match the PS2 standard ,and PU also by CE certificate .kids game house manufacturers
    website:Large Sip House, Small Sip House Manufacturers and Suppliers - China Factory - Kinying