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    Our History
    Shenzhen Rongxingda Polymer Material is founded in 1999, who is the professional manufacturing-type enterprise for the R&D, production and also the sale of silicone rubber.
    Along with development of the company, we always have not stopped ouer step for promoting our products.
    In Dec.,1999,there established the Rongxingda Polymer Material production base.
    In Mar.,2000,there is the first product coming into production, that is the RTV-810.
    In Jun.,2000,the second one is also coming to the production, that is the RTV-815.
    And then till the end of 2003, the 8 series silicone rubber all can be put into wide use.
    And also during the years of 2006-2012, there are new kinds of products constantly:
    Electronic-potting silicone rubber RTV-3301, RTV-3304, RTV-3311, etc.
    Additive electronic-potting silicone rubber RTV-1300,RTV-1302,RTV-1303, etc.
    Transparent silicone rubber RTV-1310,
    Platinum-cured translucent silicone rubber RTV-1500, RTV-1510, RTV-1515, RTV-1520, etc.
    Pad printing silicone rubber RTV-624, RTV-640, etc.
    The products above are all in good production and also sold to worldwide successfully
    We also still keep continuous in improving our quality and service.
    Our Factory
    Shenzhen Rongxingda silicone Material Co.,Ltd is founded in 1999, and then change into the “shenzhen Rongxingda Polymer Material Co.,Ltd” in 2013, who is the professional Organic silicon enterprise in the R&D, production and sales for “molding silicone rubber, electronic potting silicone rubber, transparent silicone rubber, life-casting silcione rubber, crafts silicone rubber, food-grade silicone rubber,Leather embossed silicone rubber, and also foam silicone rubber, etc.
    The production base(the factory) is located in No. 16, tianxin Industrial Zone, Tangxia Town, Dongguan, Guangdong. Its Registered name is “Dongguan Rongxing Silicone Technology Co.,Ltd”. The factory is featured with the professional R&D team, and also the advanced manufacturing & detecting equipment, which can promise to provide the high-quality products and also the technology service.
    Our factory have passed the ISO9001, ISO14002. And our products have got the certificates as SGS, FDA, ROHS, IP68, REACH, etc, which have been sold to 100 countries and regions.
    Our Product
    Mold making silicone rubber, electronic potting silicone rubber,transparent silicone rubber,life-casting silicone rubber,crafts silicone rubber,Leather embossed silicone rubber,food-grade silicone rubber,foam silicone rubber
    Product Application
    For universal(soap,wax,gypsum,concrete,GRC,etc.)molding; for food(chocolate,cookies,etc) molding;for life casting;also can be used to make some finished products(as insole),and so on.
    Our Certificate
    Production Equipment
    Kneading machine; Viscometer; Oven; Stirring machine; Filter; etc.
    Production Market
    Region Percentage (region amount/total export amount)
    Eastern Asia 7.5%
    Western Europe 7.5%
    Northern Europe 7.5%
    Southern Europe 5%
    South Asia 2.5%
    Our service
    Pre-sale service: advise the suitable type (hardness, viscosity, etc) silicone rubber according to customer’s products
    On-sale service: can provide professional guidance for the use of silicone rubber; and the effective ways for molding and also the avoiding actives; etc.
    After-sale service: can provide technical assistance in actual applicationelectronic potting liquid silicone rubber manufacturers
    website:China Condensation Cure Silicone Rubber, Addition Cure Silicone Rubber, Lifecasting Silicone, Mix And Pour Silicone Foams Manufacturers and Suppliers - Factory Direct Wholesale - Rongxingda