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    How can you be Energy efficient?
    Most utilities charge for peak electrical demand on each month's electrical bill. The demand charge is to allow the utilities to recoup part of their capital investment in the distribution network they operate. Each customer pays a demand charge for its peak operating load. Often inherent in the structure of these demand charges is an allowance for some inefficiency but most utilities will offer an incentive to their customers to keep efficiency (measured by power factor) high.
    Power factor correction devices improve overall efficiency upstream of the point of connection in the electrical network and can be used to minimize utility kVA demand charges.
    Technical data
    TypeEnclosed automatic capacitor bank
    Capacitor dielectricMetalized polypropylene film
    Internal connection3 Phase, Delta
    Tolerance on capacitance0%/+15%
    Discharge mechanismPolycarbonate resistor, one per phase
    Discharge timeOne minute to less than 50 V
    Expected life*130,000 hours (nominal voltage and current), 0% THD (V)
    Rated voltage (Ur)11kV,22kV,33kV
    Rated frequency50/60 Hz
    Interrupting rating (maximum)8kA symmetrical at 24/36kV
    16kA symmetrical 11/15kV
    Continuous over-voltage1.1 x Un
    Continuous over-current1.35 x In
    Maximum recommended harmonic current (Ih)1.05 x Ih
    Maximum recommended harmonic voltage (Vh)1.07 x Vh
    Ambient temperature range-10°C to +40°C (+14°F to +104°F)
    Highest mean over:24 hours+40°C (+104°F)
    Highest mean over: one year+30°C(+86°F)
    Attitude≤ 1800 meters (6000 feet) without de-ratingChina Power Quality Solutions For Grid manufacturers
    website:China Power Quality Solutions for Grid Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Rockwill