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    ▲ Brief introduction :
    Kadoya Everbright(Dalian) Co.,Ltd is a Sino-Japanese joint venture company founded in November 2008. We mainly specializes in design, development and quality control of various kinds of stainless steel tanks. The products are widely used in production, storage, and transportation in industry of chemical, cosmetic, food and pharmacy etc. We have the ability and approval of designing, producing and selling general and hazardous chemical products packaging as well as class I&II Pressure tanks. We already got certificate from CCS for some of our tanks(UN approval). In 2015,our company successfully got a patent of a self-design stainless steel tank with heating-jacket and insulation layer.
    Our company works on integrating effective resources, utilizing advanced technology and committing to provide customers with a reasonable one-stop package solution. Our products are used by clients from USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, and domestic companies. They are satisfied with our product quality, delivery time and good service
    ▲ History:
    ◆ 1911-On August 1st, 44th Year in Meiji Period (1911), kadoya Company (Japanese) was started to do business.
    ◆ 1932-In 1932,Mr. Li Baoshan started to establish a venture(china)
    ◆ 1974-On July 1st,49th Year Showa Period(1974),Kadoya Co.,Ltd.was established.
    ◆ 2004-In 2004,Dandong Changming Trading Co.,Ltd. Was established.
    ◆ 2006- In 2006,Kadoya Company started to do business with Dandong Changming Trading Co.,Ltd.
    ◆ 2007-In 2007, kadoya Company and Dandong Changming Trading Co.,Ltd. rached the intention to set up a joint venture company
    ◆ 2008-On November 28,2008, Kadoya Everbright Trading (Dalian)Co.,Ltd.was established.
    ◆ 2009-In 2009, became an Alibaba China supplier,and a member of Dalian E-business Association
    ◆ In October 2009, moved to Development Building in Dalian Development Zone.
    ◆ 2010-In September 2010,invited by the South Korean government to participate in Seoul International Sourcing in South Korea
    ◆ In June 2010,Kadoya Everbright started business cooperation with the Japanese listed company-Sendai Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
    ◆ 2011-In 2011,IBC products are sold over 300 units
    ◆ 2012-In June 2012,Kadoya Everbright purchased its own office building(Jiahua business Building)
    ◆ In June 2012,the company’s English name was officially changed from(KODOYA
    ◆ 2013-In July 2013,Kadoya Everbright participated in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics exhibition in Tokyo,Japan me
    ◆ In 2013,became the high quality supplier of Kobayashi Phamaceutical Co.,Ltd. And obtained the appre and trophy of Kobayashi Phamaceutical Co.,Ltd.
    ◆ In 2013,obtained ISO9001 international certification
    ◆ In November 2013,Kadoya Everbright has been established for 5 years,and took monument photos
    ◆ 2014-In April 2014,took the group photo of board members and staff,
    In May 2014,participated in Shanghai CPHI Exhibition
    ◆ 2015-Go to japan and visit our customer
    ◆ 2016-The company organized a trip to jeju island
    Go to germany and visit our customer
    2017-Participated in Vietnam Exhibition
    ▲ Our Factory
    Our factory is located in the beautiful coastal city-Dalian, the geographical position is superior, the transportation is convenient, It can provide processing according to the customer’s drawing, accept customers’ materials for processing, or design and product the goods all according to the customer’s requirement. The company has more than 50 sets of advanced mechanical equipment. With rich experience in stainless steel processing and production and the ability to undertake large-scale projects and orders, and have a strong product design capacity and market base. Products are constantly innovative and diversified.
    The products have been exported to japan, korea, Europe and America and many domestic cities for a long time. 70% of the products are exported to japan. After years of continuous exploration and development, the company has developed the production capacity of over 400 varieties in 15 categories in the fields of diet, medical treatment, pharmacy, construction, chemical engineering, environmental protection and logistics.
    ▲ Our Product
    1, stainless steel storage and transportation container
    2, Liquid heating&insulation container
    3, fermentation tank
    4, mixing tank
    5, pressure vessels
    6, other non-standard customized products
    7, collapsible tank
    8, spare parts of stainless steel container
    Our company works on integrating effective resources, utilizing advanced technology and committing to provide customers with a reasonable one-stop package solution.
    ▲ Production Market
    We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our sales can speak fluent English, Japanese, and Korea for good communication. Our main sales market:

    Eastern Asia 72%
    Southeast Asia 11%
    Domestic Market 9%
    North America 4%
    Europe 4%
    ▲ Our Certificate
    We always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as stipulated in
    ISO 9001:2008, Utility Model Patent Certificate, Supplier Assessment Certificate, Appreciation Award, UN Certificate(UN31A/Y).
    ▲ Production Equipment
    steel plate shearer, bending machine ,welding machine ,lathe, drilling machine, laser cutting machine, hydraulic machine
    ▲ Our service
    ◆ Quality: professional QC team, The products will be serious examined
    ◆ Cost: Cost down according to manufacturing process management .we carry out the production process management, to grasp the progress of the product at any time and submit progress reports to customers.
    ◆ Delivery: Provide the customer with the production schedule and follow it,delivery on time
    ◆ Design: To customize the products according to customer’s requirement
    To make the detail production drawing according to customer’s assembly drawing
    ◆ Service:
    Prenatal meeting, production schedule, material list review, production progress report, double check before delivery, logistics delivery report etc.to keep you get the most suitable packing solutionBulk Ton Bag
    website:China Storage Tank, Stainless Steel Tank Fittings Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory - Kadoya Everbright Trading (Dalian) Co.,Ltd