Mickey: Keychron C1 MXZ and SMD-LED

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  1. Hi guys, I'm in the process of replacing my old Quickfire TK and was looking at some cheap mechanical keyboards on AliExpress.

    This one in particular seems interesting:

    Manufacturer link:
    Mickey: Keychron C1 MXZ and SMD-LED [​IMG]
    Keychron C1 Wired Mechanical Keyboard

    Keychron C1 Mechanical Keyboard. Tenkeyless Layout. Connects via wired type-c cable and users can hot swap every switch in seconds with the hot-swappable version. Compatible with Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux. Gateron Switches. 15+ RGB Backlight
    Mickey: Keychron C1 MXZ and SMD-LED [​IMG] www.keychron.com

    AliExpress link:

    Keychron C1 MXZ. It will be 2nd mechanical keyboard, and, I have my old one for more...

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