Mickey: Help me to figure out my testing (Corsair RM850 X)

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  1. Hi people, i got a multimeter to test out the Psu (Corsair RM850X) . I tested out the power outlet (i'm in italy so is 220volt) and i got 225volt.
    I did the same for every pin on the 24 pin and on each connector on the psu and for 5v i get 5.00v , 12v i get 12.20v and for 3.3 v i get 3.28v . Each have to be calculeted for the correct reading with +/- 0.5% +2 so 12v is 12.5 , 5v is 5 ,3.3v is 2.5 if i did the math correctly.
    What i should do?
    But i'm no expert .