Mickey: Hdmi cable extension

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    İ built a pc 2 years ago. I7 12700. Msi b660 tomahawk. 32 GB 5200mhz ddr5 Ram. Sapphire radeon 6700xt. Corsair rm850x psu. 1080p 144hz monitor.

    The problem iş there is coil whine everywhere. Gpu, motherboar, cpu. İt is too much i cant even isolate it or headphones does not help. İ have 3 options. Destroy that pc, sell it, or move it into an other room. İ am thinking latter.

    My monitor is 1080p 144hz benq mobiuz ex2510. İt supports hdmi 2.0 and 1. 2. How can i extend the monitor if i move...

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