Mickey: Freesync Flicker.

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    FreeSync flicker source solved? | Community

    Let me start by saying this is a huge issue for some of us. If you google freesync flicker you get tons of people suggesting all sorts of things but no
    Mickey: Freesync Flicker. [​IMG] community.amd.com

    I am having the same issues described in the link above. I tried both on a 1070 Ti and an RX 570 same issue, with Freesync on, i get a flicker effect in games. But if i turn it off all is fine, on both the AMD and Nvidia card.
    Have you experienced something similar ? Is it a "feature" of Freesync or should i try to contact AOC to see if i can RMA the monitor ?

    PS: i have the monitor in the pc specs.