Mickey: A 2012 Extreme Edition in 2019

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    nothappy Guest

    Hey guys, just wondering sold my computer due to marriage, I found a deal too good to pass and its here :
    - Intel i7 3960x extreme edition
    - ASUS P9X79 Deluxe
    - Corsair 32GB ram kit ddr3 (8Gbx4)
    - Corsair H80 AIO kit
    so I cleaned and added
    - Corsair TX850
    - Bitfenix Ronin
    - WDC Green ssd 240GB

    it ignited my curiosity, what would you guys pay for this rig now in 2019, I am using it right now having a damn fine experimenting crossfire RX 580, but just wondering how much is it worth.

    Tell me...

    A 2012 Extreme Edition in 2019