Mickey: 12600K = 2x 5600x

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    Mickey: 12600K = 2x 5600x [​IMG]
    Tipster outs CPU-Z benchmark results for i5-12600K: beats the i9-11900K and nearly doubles the 5600X's multithreaded score

    Tipster @TUM_APISAK recently shared what appear to be leaked CPU-Z benchmarks for the Alder Lake i5-12600K. The 10-core CPU delivers better performance in the benchmarks than the previous-gen flagship i9-11900K, and nearly doubles the score of the Ryzen 5 5600X.
    Mickey: 12600K = 2x 5600x [​IMG] www.notebookcheck.net

    Serious Intel fanboy article. Dunno if it's deliberate or just plain dumb.