Looking for a good LGA1366 socket design

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    I am new here so first of all, HI!. Been out of the game somewhat since I got married but it's good to be back. Anyhow, I am seeking a collaborative fellow or lady knowledgeable in the core i7 socket specs( in particular the Asus P6T7) and also in some form of 3D modeling to shoot me a 3D socket kit design for the LGA1366. I own and operate a Stratasys 3D printer on a part time basis. I have had a time of it trying to get a hold of this Dunkie and I can fabricate parts from email in a matter of hours. I have the Asus Supercomputer Motherboard, two GTX 295's, and the i7Extreme 3.33Ghz ready to install but waiting on a vapo adapter.

  2. Looking for a good music player

    The PowerMP3 player is an expensive £8.00. (i can get an Android app under £4 for that with equally if not better features and interface)

    I can't even find TTPod.
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    Welcome to TPU! *Toast :toast:

    Pics or it didnt happen *Laugh :laugh: Seriously though, got any pics?
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    3d printers cost a ton of $$$$ so if he does own one i wouldnt doubt the rig

    what exactly do you need?
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    I do appear to have an issue with the pictures at the moment and yes the 3D printer did cost a ton(and a half) of $$$ but it is worth every penny. What I am looking for is a 3D design of a clamshell type head kit for the vapochill lightspeed LS to fit the LGA1366 socket. I do not have enough time in any one 3d design program to be fully proficient. I work with .stl or steriolithography files which are 3D object files. My equipment parameters go down to +/-.005" build tolerance using reinforced ABS as a build medium.
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    i am pretty sure you can buy the adapter plate for it
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    As I understand the issue from Asetek, they could not be sure that no condensation would form on or around the socket area which is why they scrapped plans to bring back support for the LS units (which is disappointing). The problem I have run into with this Dunkie(?) is I ordered the unit that he builds(from overseas) and the funds "evaporate" into the ether never to be seen again ergo: no moneys, no adapter.