just help me overclocking my e6750

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  1. flynnn

    flynnn Guest

    Im about to buy another cpu like an i7 a quad or a better core2duo but i was like i could overclock it so i wont need a better Intel Processor
    if you guys can help would be appreciate i want to push this baby not too high

    Air flow not liquid cooling
    Windows xp pro sp2
    CPU:Intel Core2duo 2.66ghz
    Memory:G.Skill pc-8500 4gb
    HardDrive:Western Digital 640 gb
    PSU: ocz stealth x stream 600W

    ty for helping

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  2. en_mih

    en_mih Guest


    can you help me , i want to overclock my Intel Processor phone nokia n97 i want overclock to 600 mhz like nokia e52 can you help me???
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  3. kadet---01

    kadet---01 Guest

    Symbian^3 Belle Question

    chanchan05 you do not understand the essence of the issue. I do not need guarantee. Just tell me how to overclock Intel Processor. And I overclock it to the desired frequency. The consequences I do not care. I've spent a lot of time looking for ways to overclock
    the Intel Processor. If you know - tell me how to do it
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  4. kurosagi01

    kurosagi01 Guest

    you would firstly need a better cpu heat sink for your cpu to overclock without getting overheating temperature and secondly you should ALWAYS overclock by the BIOS and please post more info like your motherboard and gfx card etc.
    i would change your FSB to 385*8 which will put your cpu speed to 3GHZ,your current FSB is 325*8 and increase your cpu voltage if its necessory to keep it stable,after check your cpu temp and run some programs to check if your cpu is stable like OCCT
  5. grunt_408

    grunt_408 Guest

    Mainboard specs would help too . Should be able to get 3.2 on stock cooling though usually can get 3.2GHz on around 1.27Volts
  6. flynnn

    flynnn Guest

    my motherboard is p35 ds3l from gigabyte and gfx card is evga 8800gtx

    cause im making movie making and need my thing to render faster