Is there a 9800 GT Superclocked compatable GPU waterblock?

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  1. Read the Title.

    NOTE: The GPU block must be full size and only use the same amount of space as the original heatsink.

  2. Will my graphics card work with windows 10?

    efore i try to upgrade to windows 10, i want to know wether or not my graphics card is compatible with it. right now im running on windows 8.1(which i gat as a free upgrade from windows 8) and my gpu is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Superclocked edition from
  3. nvidia geforce 9800 gt

    From nvidia says - the problem will not be solved. We need old drivers but windows 10 did not work with old drivers.

    Is it possible in new build we make windows to work with old video drivers too? The problem is not only this video card. Please fix that before last build. This is important.