I CANT OVERCLOCK? my cpu.. it crashes..

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  1. cslix

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    i have a asus p5n-d
    and a E4700 cpu
    the following specs are way bellow..
    my problem.. i dont know how to over clock my cpu? any ideas on how i should start off..
    step my step what i should change.. my gpu is over clocked big time.. my cpu needs to be next.. i have a nice cpu fan so thats not a problem.. idk what to do my fsb is @ 800 and multiplier is @ 13 i think or 10 not sure.. my fsb says min 533 max 3000.. the multiplier go from 6-13.. thats all i really know.. anyone know this board and chip please help..

    Brand Intel
    Intel Processors Type Desktop
    Series Core 2 Duo
    Model BX80557E4700
    CPU Socket Type
    CPU Socket Type LGA 775
    Tech Spec
    Multi-Core Dual-Core
    Name Core 2 Duo E4700
    Operating Frequency 2.6GHz
    FSB 800MHz
    L2 Cache 2MB
    Manufacturing Tech 65 nm
    64 bit Support Yes
    Virtualization Technology Support No
    Multimedia Instruction MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3,SSSE3, EM64T
    Voltage 1.162V-1.312V
    Thermal Power 65W
    Cooling Device Heatsink and Fan included

    Form Factor: ATX

    Intel Processor Socket: Intel

    Intel Processor Interface: Socket 775

    Intel Processors Supported: Intel Pentium 4 LGA775
    Intel Pentium D
    Intel Pentium EE
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    Intel Core 2 Extreme
    Intel 06
    Intel Core 2 Quad
    Intel 05A/05B

    Additional Technologies: 45nm Multi-Core Support

    Multi-GPU Support: SLI Ready

    Front Side Bus: 800MHz

    Northbridge: NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI

    Number of Slots: 4

    Number of Pins: 240-Pin

    Maximum Memory Supported: 8GB - 64bit

    Memory Type: DDR2

    Memory Supported: 533MHz DDR2
    Dual Channel Supported
    667MHz DDR2
    800MHz DDR2

    Channels: 8 Channels

    Audio Chipset: Realtek ALC883

    Supported Devices: 2

    Hard Drive Types: UDMA/33

    USB Version: 2

    USB Data Transfer Rates: 480Mbps

    LAN Type: 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit

    Port Type: RJ-45

    RAID Support: Yes

    PCI Slots: 2

    PCI Express X1 Slots: 2

    PCI Express X16 Slots: 2

    PS/2 Keyboard Connectors: 1

    PS/2 Mouse Connectors: 1

    Serial Communication Ports: 1

    Parallel Ports: 1

    USB Ports: 8

    FireWire Ports: 1 - 1394a

    LAN Ports: 1

    Audio Out Jacks: 2

    Line In Jacks: 1

    Microphone Jacks: 1

    Center Audio Jacks: 1

    Subwoofer Audio Out Jacks: 1

    CD-In Headers: 1

    AUX-In Headers: 1

    IDE Headers: 1

    FDD Headers: 1

    Serial ATA Headers: 4

    ATX Power Connectors: 1 24-Pin Connector

    PC Power Connectors: 1 - 4 Pin

    Fan Connectors: 1 x Power
    1 x CPU
    1 x Chassis

    S/PDIF Connectors: 1 - Coaxial, 1 - Optical

    Length: 12.000 in. (30.48 cm)

    Width: 9.600 in. (24.5 cm)

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  5. cslix

    cslix Guest

    my bios vid? walk me through
  6. wojo

    wojo Guest

    How old is your asus mobo the newer boards have a built in program called turbov that you can use to over clock your cpu. One thing with it is when you shut off your computer and restart it it will go back to the factory spec's, I use it on mine almost all the time.
  7. ShadowFold

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    You need to change the front side bus to up the speed