How much you willing to spend for AMD TWKR?

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  2. boyerjohnny

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    CDMA Windows 10 phone?

    Depends on how much you're willing to spend on a phone. Panasonic has the ToughPad FZ-F1 for between $1,500-$2,000.
  3. What Part Should I Upgrade? (Willing To Spend : 100Eur)

    1. My Pc is for gaming/recording videos.

    2. To get less lag when recording.

  4. Assassin48

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    Someone already posted this

    I find it strange that the person has 0 feedback
  5. alexp999

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    What makes it so special *Wtf :wtf:
  6. kenkickr

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    They are hand picked Deneb(Phenom II Quads) that supposedly are awesome for OC'ing, especially extreme OC'ing
  7. MoonPig

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    So the Xeon equivalent?

    $6,400 is alot of money on just a CPU... To compliment that, i'd feel i'd have to upgrade my whole system to the highest spec stuff.
  8. hat

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    I'd keep my $6400, spend $1400 on a kickass system built around an e8600 (which would destroy the twkr)