HeatKiller LGA775 Rev. 3.0 LC

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  1. MoonPig

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    Just need to know, can this block be mounted and way on my P5Q-E? (90*, 180*, 270*)

    Also, what's it like compared to the copper versions? And is the fact the others are copper the only difference?


  2. Boban24

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    I have problem with blue screen

    I have problem with blue screen on win 10 pro my pc configuration is

    CPU:Amd Fx 8350, Mbo gigabyte 990fxa-ud5 rev.3.0 bios FC last version and 2x R9 270x gigabyte windforce graphics card driver 15.8 beta

    HeatKiller LGA775 Rev. 3.0 LC [​IMG]
  3. VALERA_N8

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  4. Binge

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    LC has the same exact base as the copper. I don't know if it can mount to the mobo in question, but I prefer the LC over the copper just because of cost. Unless you want the look of copper go with the LC.
  5. MoonPig

    MoonPig Guest

    I'm not bothered about the copper looks. I think Black/Silver would look better on my build. Plus, the cheapness... lol.

    It's not a big deal if you can't mount other ways, it'd just make it look alot better for me... *Frown HeatKiller LGA775 Rev. 3.0 LC :(
  6. Binge

    Binge Guest

    Whoops I thought you meant the LT and not LC. The LT and Copper are near identical, but the LC is still good. You pretty much need the mounting that comes stock unless you make your own. The block comes apart easy enough. It's worth owning an LC LT or copper as they are the best water blocks under the sun.
  7. Icewind31

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    I would pony up like like 10bucks to get the LT though, the metal plate gives it a little flare and then you'll also have the same base as the copper. The LC is still pretty good, but for that price you're better off w/ the EK Supreme LT.
  8. MoonPig

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    EK Supreme LT - Looks crappy, to me, and im the one looking at it.
    EK Supreme - Looks great, £40
    Heatkiller LC - Looks great, £29
    Heatkiller Copper - Looks great, £52

    I can't find the LT in the UK.
  9. MoonPig

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    Just read on a forum that all the block are the same, except the top? If this is true, then im paying twice as much for a copper top that probably drops me 1 - 3c... i'd rather not.

    I think it's LC time!
  10. MoonPig

    MoonPig Guest

    Found this:

    HeatKiller LGA775 Rev. 3.0 LC [​IMG]
  11. Binge

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    Copper top doesn't drop the temps, it's the insides. The LC has less flow channels than the LT or Copper. I'm not saying this to point you away from the LC. It's just a FYI
  12. MoonPig

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    Ok, Well, can you mount it anyway you want. I assume you can, i mean, you can with heatsinks... So surely you can with water blocks.
  13. MoonPig

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    Ok, which is better, and take into account the prices:

    EK Supreme - £40
    EK Supreme LT - £33
    Heatkiller LC - £29

    I want an Acetal top as i'm using clear fluid and coloured tubes.

    HeatKiller LGA775 Rev. 3.0 LC [​IMG]
  14. Cold Storm

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    I have the LT on my 790i and it's mounted upside down right now. Fits quite nice there and I would tell anyone to buy that CPU Cooler if they could.

    Even the LC I would say...
  15. MoonPig

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    Yea, i just love the looks of it.

    Soooo cheap aswell.

    Looks like it's my next cpu block *Big Grin HeatKiller LGA775 Rev. 3.0 LC :D