good overclocking tool?

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    Well I'm here bored in my I thought I should try to overclock, so whats a good tool to use?I've tried the ABS tool that DFI provides and I like it but it always screws up a bunch so Imlooking for one thats easy and fun?lol

  2. cpitchford

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    Fixed bugs in 1.3

    almost certainly.. the kernel settings that the overclocking tweaks aren't custom to the overclocking kernel..

    the overclocking kernel simply accepts a wider range of values compared to the stock kernel (for example, it accepts a much higher max CPU speed..)

    So... after PR1.3 is released, I imagine titan will merge merge in all the PR1.3 improvements and re-apply the overclocking patches..

    After that I recon we'll be good to go..
  3. rwhamm

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    Overclocking Notes


    Your right that overheating is a concern when overclocking, however, the z530 is a great Intel Processor to overclock. This is because it has a low watt hour power consumption (which is why nokia chose this Intel Processor in the first place).

    There is also a lot of data to support overclocking this Intel Processor. This information comes mainly from the real world example of Asus and thr eeePC. Asus actually created another bios version for their users to choose from if they wanted to overclovk their
    machine. You can search these forums or google to find the info if you like.

    I wouldn't suggest overclocking the z530 more than 200mhz (from 1.6 to 1.8). In fact overclocking is only a real solution if supported by nokia. But for more power in a pinch, why not?

    I have not seen that an overclocked Intel Processor will only be good for 2 years. That doesnt matter because the Intel Processor still manages its power consumptipon and clock cycles. That is to say that it only uses all its power when it needs to. Its not like the
    Intel Processor is just screaming at the overclocked speed all the time. Instead it continues to act just like it normally would, with the exception of when it needs full power.

    Lastly, the Booklet is really great at passive cooling, the whole thing is a heat sink!

    to overclock or not to overclock, that is the question.
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    Really not much out there DFI-wise beyond ABS, really you get proprietary stuff, there's another program called setfsb iirc that many use for wr/high oc attempts and such, but beyond that, best off to do oc work in the bios still.

    DFI's have crazy amounts of options, but you don't gotta use em all, you can use the basic primary settings, if that x48 is like my P35 was, it has immense memory options...I didn't mess with most of them for my best stable oc's.
  5. mlee49

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    Best Overclocking tool, your BIOS. You can set the FSB to whatever you like; but primarily increment it find a stable overclock.

    Basic 775 overclocking, increase FSB, maintain highest multiplier, increase cpu voltages as you push beyond a .5Ghz overclock, lower FSB*Big Grin good overclocking tool? :DRAM ratio so your ram doesn't explode, enjoy!

    Perhaps you can google a bios template for overclocking your board and check it out, its actually alot of fun to know how to set your machine to preform better. *Big Grin good overclocking tool? :D
  6. hat

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    The BIOS. Srsly. Don't mess with software overclocking progs if you don't have to (ex. gpu overclocking). Even when overclocking GPUs I flash my BIOS afterwards so I don't have to touch software overclocking controls.
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    ABS isnt an overclocking tool. it is a bios swapping tool. ABS takes a bios file from the site and applies it to your PC. You need to be sure the bios file you get is designed around the same parts you are using for it to work correctly.

    SetFSB and Memset worked on my P35's
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    thanks people
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    The best overclocking tool is a little thing called "The BIOS" that and a little practice can make wonderful results.

    Seems to be a theme here *Big Grin good overclocking tool? :D