Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever.

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  1. d3fct

    d3fct Guest

    agreed arcticlean is the best, ive cleaned off about 20 cpus and the bottle is still almost full.
  2. joshiers8605

    joshiers8605 Guest

    i know for sticky glue, like on the back of stickers for example, i used Vegetable Oil, and let it soak on there for about 1-2 hours, if u have the time. Never tried it on TIM though
  3. Altered

    Altered Guest

    I have used OOPS a couple a times. Seemed to work really well when nothing else at the house would.

    Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever. [​IMG]
  4. joshiers8605

    joshiers8605 Guest

  5. Easo

    Easo Guest

    Strange, mah 38 percent alchocol got gum stuff off in a minute...
  6. Altered

    Altered Guest

    We bought a brand new extended cab truck in 05' and my daughter 10 at the time climbed in the back. Somewhere in the dealership lot she stepped in gum on a 90+ degree day and it was everywhere. The wife had this OOPS stuff in our vehicle we traded in and it did a miracle getting that gum to release its grip in the carpet and upholstery. I mean the gum was in like 5 places and was gone in less than 5 minutes. That stuff saved me. I have no idea why my wife originally bought this stuff but it was safer not to ask. *Laugh :laugh: This 4.5 oz can is almost gone now but it works wonders on some stuff. Stubborn TIM of all kinds comes right off with it. Probably not the best but I had it available and where I live TIM remover is a order only item or drive over an hr.
  7. k0rn_h0li0

    k0rn_h0li0 Guest

    i can't believe you used glue gone to get the paste off. WOW i have alchohol wipes idk what percent they are but i use it to clean the old thermal paste off my cpu and it only takes 2-3 wipes but the wipe is like the size of a paper so what a waste on such a small thing :/

    i want to try articlean
  8. Meecrob

    Meecrob Guest

    Goof Off
    this is like oops, and will clean most anything off thats not hardened epoxy, but it STINKS and the smell sticks around for a little while after cleaning.

    Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever. [​IMG]

    good stuff but smelly as hell, wd40 works just as well on TIM removal and dosnt smell as bad, goo gone and arcticlean work well to, but I have run into a few tim's that just wouldnt melt/breakup with them(frustrating)

    if u get a really stuborn one, try goof-off outside, put some on a small plate, set the sink on the plate and let it soak for like 10 min, by then it should have at least started to melt *Smile Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever. :)
  9. Mussels

    Mussels Guest

    articlean cleans it all off, evaporates, leaves no residue, smells nice, tastes nice, and is made by the people who brought you AS5.

    This other stuff just cant match that feature list *Big Grin Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever. :D
  10. BababooeyHTJ

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    I love my giant bottle of 91% alcohol. It's allways worked well enough for me.
  11. newtekie1

    newtekie1 Guest

    I used arctic clean for several years, bought the two big bottles when the stuff first hit the market. When I finally ran out of it, I switched to Goo Gone and 91% Alcohol. For less than two big bottles of Arctic clean, you get 4-5 times as much, and it works just as good, if not better. I actually think the Goo Gone works slightly better and breaking up the old thermal paste compared to Arctic Clean.