Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever.

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  1. hat

    hat Guest

    I took the heatsink off my asus 9600gso, the $55 one at newegg with the rebate. So I went about my normal process of wiping off excess paste (there was a lot) with some toilet paper. The paste didn't budge at all. So I grabbed my 91% alcohol and attacked it with that. Nothing. So I got a paint scraper and tried to force it off. It worked for the excess paste but it couldn't remove it all. Back to the 91% alocohl... nothing. So I tried the Goo Gone. The Goo Gone totally obliterated that paste. I then used the 91% again to clean up any residue left behind by it.

  2. kossoff---01

    kossoff---01 Guest

    N8 is the best phone ever made


    You could sell your N8 and then use the money to buy the E7. That's what i did with the HTC Desire HD. NO problems......
  3. Marcineqq

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    N8 is the best phone ever made

    First thing I managed to get after I purchased the N8 was a notice I run out of memory after I run ovi maps and than tried to view movie I recorded minutes ago.

    I was like.. W T F.. after that I never again tried to run anything while using ovi maps, however really.. for such price, those kind of messages should not EVER appear cmon.. memory is so god damn cheap nowadays.. really.. I'm disappointed its only 250
    megs.. I would've pay 100$ more for 1gb ram version of N8 without any hesitation.
  4. MRCL

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    Usually 80% alcohol does the trick for me, what TIM was that, cement icluded?
  5. Meecrob

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    probbly that pink/gray/blue bubblegum stuff, best stuff i found to remove it is wd40 to be honest, alch has little to no effect on that stuff, acetone works but takes forever, WD40 just melts it right off *Big Grin Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever. :D
  6. hat

    hat Guest

    I dunno. It was weird... there was no paste on the GPU (but I still gave it a good once over w/ the alcohol to be safe) but there was a very distinctive square indent in the block of paste on the cooler where the gpu was. I've never seen anything like it before.

    Yeah Goo Gone just annihilated that stuff though. Goo Gone forever! Still use the 91% alc though to clean up the residue left by Goo Gone...
  7. kenkickr

    kenkickr Guest

    I've used Goo Gone for so long, especially when changing the paste on GPU's cause sometimes, especially Nvidia cards, it can be a pain in the arse to get the TIM off. I swear the Arctic Cleaning package is basically Goo Gone in 1 bottle and Alcohol in the other.
  8. AltecV1

    AltecV1 Guest

    i used a screwdriver do scrape it off! not the best thing do to but it worked*Stick Out Tongue Goo Gone is the best TIM remover ever. :p
  9. I do believe you are correct but there are two critical differences:
    1) ArctiClean is far more concentrated (no water added to dilute it).
    2) ArctiClean has no color additives.

    I prefer to use them because there is no risk damaging anything or leaving residue. Others don't care to spend the money and find alternatives.
  10. kenkickr

    kenkickr Guest

    But Goo Gone smells so much better!!*Laugh :laugh:
  11. largon

    largon Guest

    2-propanol has never let me down.
    Ethanol is not nearly as good.
  12. douglatins

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    I have a Noctua RM 1366 here waiting for me to go downtown and buy a liter of isopropanol 99,8%
  13. freaksavior

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    i had a nvidia fx 4200 and it was melted on with some yellow crap and it woudln't budge. i sanded it off.
  14. W1zzard

    W1zzard Guest

    my vote goes for arcticlean .. have been using it for years and cant imagine anything to work better
  15. Mussels

    Mussels Guest

    i've been using the stuff ever since w1zzard told me he drank some and didnt die.

    Articlean is so far above everything else its not funny.