e8500 troubles

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  1. Man I dont get it. I can barely get mine under 40c even when its cool outside at night. You have e0 or c0 stepping? What kind of case? Case fans? Heatsink?
  2. vbx

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    EO stepping. Antec Mini Cooler Master heatsink. Z500?

    The case has two fans, 120mm on top and 80mm in the back.

    What mobo do you have? My temp dropped from 37c idle to 27c idle after switching the Asus P5N7A-VM to the Asus P5Q-EM. P5N7A-VM was extremely hot.

    e8500 troubles [​IMG]
  3. newtekie1

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    Impossible on a Z600. Maybe 34°C...
  4. Hehe, I know he meant C not F.

    <----- specs

    my mobo is Gigabyte ep45 ud3p
  5. vbx

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    yeah 34c as previously posted
  6. Could it be the c0 stepping thats getting me such higher temps?

    Also, using everest, the CPU #1/Core #1 and CPU #1/Core #2 temps and my Real Temp temps are the same, right now at 44c but in everest the CPU temp is at 26c

    Should I be looking at the Core 1 and 2 temps or the CPU temp?