e8500 troubles

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  1. Alright, so I have an e8500 c0 stepping that I've been running at 4.001 Ghz 24/7 for about 45 days and my temps have never been that great. Ive got a Noctua NH-u12p cooling it with some OCZ Freeze and I've reseated it about 4 times. I just turned it horizontal so that the air gets pushed up through the 21cm fan on the top of my CM HAF932 but I would still idle at 43-45c and load up to 63-65c (using Real Temp) which is the max Ill allow. The lowest idle Ive ever had is 39c but that was with ambient temps of around 29c. Ive never managed to run OCCT Linpack for more than 5 minutes without an error but since its stable during everything else I never really had a problem with it.

    So today I reset everything to stock, except turning of Speedstep, and ran OCCT Linpack just to see what would happen and it failed after 9 minutes.....everything stock! Is this normal? What should I do?

    Also, Ive read so many reviews of heatsinks especially with the Noctua and seen people who get lower temps on their CPU than their ambient temp. Everything bone stock now and im idling at 46c with load up to 60c and my ambient temp is 31c. My HAf 932 has the stock large fans on the front(intake), side panel(intake), and top(exhaust), the stock 140mm rear exhaust fan, my Noctua fan mounted on the bottom of the case next to the power supply(intake) 1 Yate Loon in push config on the Noctua pusing air up towards the top exhaust fan, and 1 Yate Loon in the front of the case pulling air in under my CD drive.

    Any thoughts?

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    I have the same trouble .... i have upgrade my Intel Processor and impossible to log Windows 10 i make a new install and impossible to work windows 10 now i have install windows 7 and try to upgrade ...

    and CompareExchange 128 appear

    My last CPU: core 2 duo E8500

    Now : Xeon E5450

    Bios, and all drivers have last upgrade ... Need help
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  3. Stopcode

    Again degrade to c2d e8500 to c2d e4400 the pc working good as new one.
  4. francis511

    francis511 Guest

    The temps are about the same as mine , maybe 5-10 degrees higher. Unless you get a better cooler , they look okay. The errors aren`t normal tho` ! Mine will do about 4 ghz linpack stable.
    Have you tried upping the vcore and reining back on the overclock a bit ?
  5. InTeL-iNsIdE

    InTeL-iNsIdE Guest

    no wonder with an ambient temp of 31c lol thats a damn hot summer here in the uk *Laugh :laugh:

    You CANNOT get lower than ambient temps on air <<<< the air gives it away *Slap :slap:

    Again your ambient temp is quite high thats probably where your problem lies but 60c should be quite fine. I would suggest either trying some MX-2 or lapping if you want to shave a couple more degrees of your temps. Or/and invest in some better case fans.
  6. Yeah I figured my ambient temps would be the main cause of trouble.

    I think you misunderstood. I just took my e8500 back to stock 3.16 Ghz 1.25vcore (stock) and ran Linkpack and it failed after 9 minutes. Should I have to up my Vcore to get Linkpack stable on stock clocks???
  7. InTeL-iNsIdE

    InTeL-iNsIdE Guest

    Not on stock no, what are your stock temps like ?

    Edit: oh i see they have barely changed, man thats harsh, you got a fan you can run by the side of the case with the side off and see if that helps you pass linpack otherwise i would rma if its failing at stock settings
  8. Idling right now at 46c and with Linpack will go up to 59-60c

    Well dammit. Is it possible to RMA after 45 days an OEM chip from ewiz?
  9. InTeL-iNsIdE

    InTeL-iNsIdE Guest

    I read somewhere that its 30 days for oem, could be wrong, try lowering the temp as much as you can (a fan over the motherboard/cpu with the side off should do the trick and bring it down a tad ) and if it still fails with lower temps its quite possibly the E8500, damn shame if it is tho *Wtf :wtf:
  10. IINexusII

    IINexusII Guest

    could be a ram issue
  11. newtekie1

    newtekie1 Guest

    Linpack shouldn't be failing at stock settings at all.

    Make sure you RAM voltages and timings are set correctly.
  12. God I'm so confused. Been running Linpack for 1 hr 5 min now and no error.....Does my CPU have PMS??

    Also, RAM settings have been returned to stock. Actually, underclocked to 1066. Default is 1100. I did a complete "restore default settings" in BIOS before
  13. vbx

    vbx Guest

    with everything (stock) my e8500 hits 31-34c idle in the hot afternoon, and idles at 26-29c in the evenings.

    passive cooling, antec mini.
  14. Where are you and whats your ambient temp during the day and at night vbx?
  15. vbx

    vbx Guest

    I'm in Cali. Right now, its 87f in the room. According to my window fan. My pc while watching live tv is idling at 34f as I type this.

    For the summer evenings, it gets about 75-80f

    I need to get a freaking AC.