Decisions, decisions.

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    Alright guys, ive recently come into a bit of money (£500 to be exact) and now im left with thoughts of watercooling swirling through my mind.

    I look at people like coldstorm and Tzi's builds using H20 and it just reminds me of how awesome my cosmos was - at one point I was idling across all 4 cores of my quad at under 10 degrees C - and I want to go back to that. Not just from a performance standpoint, but also an aesthetical one.

    So, my choices to consider.

    1. Better air cooling. Ive been looking at TRUE blacks and Xigmatek DK's and thinking how sexy they are. Also theres the Thors hammer to consider . . .

    2. Buy a kit such as the H20 - 220 compact. Reason for this is limited space, and I love the idea of combining the pump and block, such a cleaner looking loop. The rad will be hung off the back of my silverstone, or maybe ontop if I can create some feet for it.

    3. Buy the 220 compact and factor in a GTX 260 full cover block. A. would this loop provide sufficient cooling to both parts?

    4. Stop being silly wanting to burn money away and save for something more meaningful.

    Any thoughts? Obviously costs will be brought down if I buy second hand, so if anyone has any deals . . . *Smile Decisions, decisions. :)

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    decisions decisions

    carriers do not usually do good at getting updates out for any phone.

    i would get an unlocked one and just bite the bullet on the cost....and, coming from you n97...i would do it with no problems at all.
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    decisions decisions


    I am considering getting an n900 to replace my n97 (32gb), the query i have is should i get a new contract on t-mobile who are offering a good deal on the n900 or should i get a sim free n900 and stick with my current network ( 3 mobile).

    Are t-mobile good at getting updates to its customers quickly ? (unlike 3).

    Any pros and cons you know of would be helpful.

    It is financially better to get the contract with t-mobile as it is cheaper than my current deal but i want some opinions of people who know better first.


  4. Water doesn't go under environment temperatures, so 10C sounds rather impossible. Sure, England has crap weather, but I'm pretty sure it isn't < 10C inside.
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    Kyle... Kyle... Kyle...

    You don't need better cooling, at all. If i was in your position, with that money, i'd either:

    Buy a Xigmatek Dark Knight and DX11 card upon release
    Buy an i7 setup (No real need)
    Save it for the future *Wink Decisions, decisions. ;)
  6. Save your money for a DX11 card and Win7. Only consider better cooling if you are not satisfied with CPU/GPU temps based on ambient temps.
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    I would get water. If you can give me a link for a UK liquid cooling e-tailor I will but something together for less then >500 (probably about $240)
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    Yes, it was possible and I have a screenshot somewhere, it was -2 / -3*c outside, and with my window left open for a few hours it dropped my room temperture considerably. But its impossible?!?!?!?! *Roll Eyes Decisions, decisions. :rolleyes:

    Best places for making a loop are:



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    Kyle, if you do decide to go water, go extreme water... Like a 360mm+ Rad.

    Otherwise, im not sure it's worth it. And cool everything... lol.
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    haha, ill go overboard - monitor, small loop in my mouse, you know *Laugh :laugh:
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    Decisions, decisions. [​IMG]
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    Thats some big rad,i have a PA120.3 and its big enuff,same pump too *Big Grin Decisions, decisions. :D

    Were you gonna fit the rad kyle?
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    Well id be hanging the rad off the back via a rad box or creating some form of feet for it to rest on my case top.