Case airflow help

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  1. BradleyKZN

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    So I am finally getting my ass off stock cooling and getting a Coolermaster Hyper TX3. It will be going into a coolermaster 590. Now I am wondering how I should go about placing my fans. If the two top fans of my case are output, what will happen to the fan blowing over the CPU cooler, will it fight for air? Maybe if I make the top fan above the CPU cooler blow into the case it would be better?

  2. Cybot

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    Windows 10 only use half of max cpu speed

    you could also do what I have done for years on my desktop that has the case body panels removed - leave them off and stick a table fan facing the innards of the PC and set it too high.
  3. BulldogXX

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    Loud sound after upgrading to Windows 10

    The next time you hear the noise, put your hand close to the fan vent. Is the air hot? Something is overheating. Given your symptoms I would guess it's the graphics card.

    It's a good idea to open the case once or twice a year to blow out the accumulated dust inside. You won't believe all the junk you'll find. That helps the airflow inside the case which makes everything run cooler.
  4. alexp999

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    Keep the top fans on exhaust, having an intake next o an exhuast will just circle air and achieve nothing.

    Best setup for the 590 is:

    Front in
    Rear Out
    Top Out
    Side In
  5. BradleyKZN

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    Nice card Alexp999 was thinking of getting one myself! So you saying that the cooler wont be fighting for air then?
  6. tzitzibp

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    I agree... if you place a top fan intake you will end up circulating warm air back on the cpu cooler!

    follow alexp999's plan and you'll be fine! just make sure that "input air > output air". keeping positive pressure within the case reduces dust build up!
  7. alexp999

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    No the cooler will be fine *Smile Case airflow help :)
  8. BradleyKZN

    BradleyKZN Guest

    Lol but with that config I will be ending up with equal air pressure wont I?*Confused Case airflow help :confused:
    Two top exhaust fans
    one rear exhaust fan
    Two side intake fans
    one front intake fan
  9. tonschk

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    In my opinion the top twin 140mm fans on the roof must be installed as exhaust , I got rid of the grills to increase airflow

    Case airflow help [​IMG]

    Case airflow help [​IMG]
  10. tzitzibp

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    well, it all depends on the fans you are going to use at each position! *Wink Case airflow help ;)
  11. BradleyKZN

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    Lol they are all equal
  12. tzitzibp

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    *Bang Head :banghead: then changing just one could make a difference!
  13. BradleyKZN

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    Lol I know just wanted to see the reaction I got *Roll :roll:

    But I dont really want positive pressure cause I feel like its just circulating hot air although, due to the front air filters and what not, maybe thats where the hot air would be exiting?
  14. alexp999

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    Id recommend, slow exhausts, fast intakes.
  15. tzitzibp

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    Oh you are good! You managed to drive me *Twitch :twitch: in just 2 posts.... LOL

    **Twitch :twitch:*