Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW

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  1. lem92

    lem92 Guest

    WR for an E8600 is like 8.1 ghz.
  2. i still remember before phenom II release when AMD say the phenom II can overclock higher than 5GHz and many people don't believe them , now we say 7GHz that's great
  3. HTC

    HTC Guest

    Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW [​IMG]

    Not @ 7 GHz yet but, according to K|NGP|N, it seems it is achievable with that CPU.

    Apparently, the dude didn't have time to "properly push the CPU to it's limits" so it is possible.

    Remember: that 7127 MHz score is fake.
  4. LMAO!

  5. HTC

    HTC Guest

    It seems the dude is confusing P4's WR, which is over 8.1 GHz, with E8600 WR.

    Check my previous post: it has a pic with the current E8600 WR.
  6. tonyd223

    tonyd223 Guest

    so to get that speed on air cooling we'd need 10nm processes on a 16 core Intel Processor running at 0.2v - so in about 10 years then... but not with silicon...
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  7. DrPepper

    DrPepper Guest

    No that is a cedar mill Pentium 4. Its a single core. The world record for an e8600 is 6.777ghz.
  8. HTC

    HTC Guest

    Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW [​IMG]

    According to this, not that much really, which makes it even more impressive.

    Unless CPU-Z is reading the voltage wrong: i don't really know *Frown Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW :(
  9. Studabaker

    Studabaker Guest

    Yeah I saw that and deleted my msg lol, sorry.

    I also found out that they did do the super pi... omg that's so fast *Eek! Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW :eek:

    Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW [​IMG]
  10. eidairaman1

    eidairaman1 Guest

    here is a Decent OC Database, just wonder how legit the OCs are

    but seriously an AMD Athlon XP Barton Core OC to 3.5GHz!?

    The World Record Database

    jealous because i cant get mine to 2.4GHz and its a Mobility Athlon 2500+ (45w 133x14/266x7= 1867MHz oc to 200x11= 2200MHz=3200+)
  11. HTC

    HTC Guest

    There are some more posts in the dude's topic @ XS (page 4).
  12. HTC

    HTC Guest

    Apparently, this speed has already been beaten ... by 7.6 MHz ...

    No CPU-Z validation yet but this was done while being filmed and the video IS available:

    The full topic is here: new record -- 6930Mhz


    Look @ about 1:01:30 into the film: it shows a speed of 6930 MHz with 1.375 vCore (if CPU-Z is reading correctly).
  13. cdawall

    cdawall Guest

    vcore is way off
  14. fullinfusion

    fullinfusion Guest

    Lets start a kitty fund for CD and see how high he can clock his 955 under Liquid He *Big Grin Almost @ 7 GHz in a Phenom II 955: WOW :D
    I donate $10 cad
  15. so still there is 100 MHz more