A question about my E8400 overclock

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  1. Hi I currently have my E8400 eo at 3.89ghz. I have been trying for 4ghz. At 3.89 I can run it at a stock vcore of 1.25, my VTT is 1.28v and my northbridge is at 1.2v. To get it stable past that i have to raise the VTT to 1.48 which is way to high for me. Nothing else does it. I've had vcore at 1.4 and northbridge very briefly at 1.6 and it makes no difference. As soon as i go past 440 to 450 mhz fsb it becomes unstable. Iv'e dropped the multi down to 6 and it still crashes. So I'm presuming it's my motherboard that's reached an fsb wall????*Bang Head :banghead: Its annoying because I've seen this model mobo hit past 500. Are there any options I could use that would help make it stable?

  2. OverClocking N900 After PR 1.2

    Just got few question about overclocking after the firmware update to PR 1.2

    1. Is it possible to overclock N900 after the update.

    2. Can we overclock via old method or no.

    3. If possible, how long will it take after the firmware update, to overclock.
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    e8400 showing as not supported in windows 10 upgrade tool


    intel dq35jo mboard

    4GB RAM

    500GB hard drive

    windows 7 SP1 64bit

    any ideas on why my e8400 is specifically not supported?
  4. A E8400 will typically do 4Ghz at 1.4000V. Which is a pretty big jump in voltage. It's sad that a search for this could potentially not provide accurate inform because some decided to only tell their CPUz voltage reading instead of what they set in the bios :shadedshu. Which in many cases is the difference in vdroop of .10V to .20V *Eek! A question about my E8400 overclock :eek:

    In any case make sure that your ram's speed is as low as possible (to remove any overclocking issues). Also take a look at your southbridge voltage, adjust if need be. Make sure you disable CPU Spreed Spectrum and PCIe Spread Spectrum.

    Even if you do get it stable at 4.0GHz the only potential gained would be specific CPU benchmarks. In games the difference in minimums would be next to nil.
  5. Yeah I've dropped my RAM speed low and it's passed 5 passes of memtest no prob. I shouldn't have to up vcore if I'm dropping my CPUs multi though should I? It crashes at 445x6 at 1.25v. I tried adjusting the southbridge voltage and it didn't help.
  6. With the E8400 you want to keep it at 9x multi. If you drop it you have to increase the FSP even more (instead of using 445). Dropping the multi only stresses the motherboard more so then needed for virtually no real world benefit other then ram limited benchmarks.

    Also make sure that those spread spectrum features are disabled. And look at the voltage of your southbridge.
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    Yea the E8400 i had was the same.
    Could run 3.8 at regular voltage but to get to 4.0 and above it took alot of extra volts.
    Finally got it stable at 4.0 but after gaming and benching a while i saw that it ran better at 3.8 with good memory timings than it did at 4.0.
    Just set it at 3.8 and get your memory dialed in and Game on!!
  8. Yeah while "4GHz" is nice you won't notice any improvement anyway with only 111Mhz, even in many benches. Yes, that VTT is too high. Mine will do 4.0 with 1.32 vcore and 1.28 VTT.
  9. Yeah i have heard a lot of people say that about not that much real world performance etc. I'm happy with my overclock though*Smile A question about my E8400 overclock :) It was my first overclock and my original goal was 3.6 so it's all good*Smile A question about my E8400 overclock :) I recently bought assassin's creed though and that uses 100% of my CPU so thought I would try get a little bit more out my chip.

    I'm loving my memory though. It's stock is 1000mhz @5-5-5-15 2.1v but it will do up to 1150mhz 5-5-5-15 2.14v*Smile A question about my E8400 overclock :)

    I tried it last at night at 450x9 with 1.4vcore, 1.4vtt, 1.4 Nb, 1.58 pll, 1.2Sb(up .1v from standard) and it was still unstable. So it's all good I don't mind to much not reaching 4Ghz.

    Just another question. Gtl ref and cpu/nb clock skew..Can these options help you achieve a higher overclock? My boards gtl ref options are very limited.