965 OC what am I missing

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  1. aleicgrant

    aleicgrant Guest

    hey there

    ok very much new at overclocking so I just want to make sure I am not doing things incorrectly

    I have a i7 965 with an asus rampage II extreme.

    I changed the profile to XMP for my memory and then only changed the ratio to 30 which puts me at 3.999ghz

    Everything else is left on auto.

    Do I need to do anything else in terms of adjustment? voltage etc?

    With a v-10 cooler temps are mid 40's while idle at 4ghz

  2. Barb Bowman

    Barb Bowman Guest

    Critical Issue of Intel 965 Express Chipset Family of Windows 10 readiness test.

    As I mentioned in the other thread, I am trying to find out what is going on with the Intel 965 Mobile chipset.
  3. bdnewberg

    bdnewberg Guest

    What Am I Missing?

    I set up Outlook.com account. I don't see the sms or text message option in the left side window. I do not see any text messages or a folder -- text messages.

    I have a wp lumia 928 I have the text messages backup turned on.

    Thank you Brad
  4. aleicgrant

    aleicgrant Guest

    anyone *Smile 965 OC what am I missing :) I would really really appreciate the help.
  5. Paulieg

    Paulieg Guest

    Check out the i7 overclocking thread. Make sure you do some stability testing to make sure it's stable using OCCT/Linpack etc, and watch your temps. What kind of cooling are you using?
  6. Bundy

    Bundy Guest

    You should run some stability tests to confirm your OC is stable. There are quite a few options and most are covered in these forums, e.g. Prime95, Orthos, OCCT. I use OCCT because it suits me.

    For a more specific and comprehensive test, you might consider joining the Ultra Stable PC Club.
  7. Assassin48

    Assassin48 Guest

    thats some expensive hardware

    i would think you knew what you were doing when buying it

    i envy your rig
  8. Kantastic

    Kantastic Guest

    The i7 is still a relatively new platform.
  9. JATownes

    JATownes Guest

    965 Extreme...NICE. On a Rampage II Extreme??? Very Nice...PLEASE fill out system specs. This is the place for advice on playing with that, but we need more info.
  10. aleicgrant

    aleicgrant Guest

    I went ahead and added system specs. I have been playing around computers for years but for some reason overclocking is just one of those things that get foggy for me. And besides, with such knowledgeable people here I am hoping to take advantage of that expertise *Smile 965 OC what am I missing :)
  11. aleicgrant

    aleicgrant Guest

    stable but .........

    I just want reassurance on settings. I mean all I did is set the xmp and put the ratio to 30.

    if it stays stable at 3.999ghz and temps are great I am happy as a clam. I just dont want to find out down the road I should have tweaked something else that could have extended the life of the cpu.
  12. JATownes

    JATownes Guest

    *System Specs*....*Eek! 965 OC what am I missing :eek:*Twitch :twitch: Holy Crap!!!! GTX295 Quad SLI???? *Rockout :rockout:*Rockout :rockout:*Rockout :rockout:

    Have you ran a Vantage or 3DMark06 run??? Pics???? Give me something...VERY NICE RIG!!!! *Sitting here waiting patiently for pics of a DREAM MACHINE*
  13. Kantastic

    Kantastic Guest

    If I weren't saving up for a car I'd build myself a rig like that. Very nice!
  14. aleicgrant

    aleicgrant Guest

  15. aleicgrant

    aleicgrant Guest

    still have some "cabling" to do *Smile 965 OC what am I missing :)