9-way CPU cooler roundup

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    New 64-Bit Build OS freezes every 12-30 hours Power cycle required

    look at cpuid.com's hwmonitor and check cpu temp. if over tcase max maybe thermal paste wasn't applied or Cpu and cooler installed wrongly. clean off old material and try aain with arctic ceramique 2 in smiley face configuration with cpu cooler straight
    down then apply opposites screw pressure so it's even so as to not crack cpu. a liquid cooler like corsair h115i might do some good for cpu max temp should be no more than 5degC under tcase.
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    Motherboard temp = or >100° C

    No not good,

    cpu is okay though,

    How many case fans do you have installed ?

    I have 2 dedicated intake and 2 exhaust plus a separate cpu cooler with fans.

    Ambient/ system temperature is 36c and cpu is like 25c.

    If you only have one fan on the cpu for it's cooler you really should add at least 1 intake normally on the front of the case and 1 out the back for an exhaust.